Planning a memorable holiday is a must, especially when it is the vacation season for kids. Childhood is the time for play, fun, adventure and lots of laughter! When it comes to interesting activities, fishing is something that will be a monumental experience that has a profound impact on your child’s mind.

The first experience of your kid with a new sport or hobby can dramatically affect how they react to it in the future. So if you want your child to enjoy fishing like you enjoy fishing, take our advice and use the tips for fishing with kids that we’ve listed below.

  • Keep it simple: Make the hobby look very easy and simple
  • Use kid-friendly items: Buy tangle-free fishing rods
  • Be patient with kids: Kids might get restless, be extremely patient
  • Stop when you should: Take occasional breaks

Sometimes, fishing may seem boring to kids as it is pure luck to fetch some fish in that huge pond. It may seem even to be a gross sport for the use of fresh worms as bait. What can you do to make this hobby a fun experience for kids?

First of all, as a parent, you need to loosen up! No need of tight determination for a big catch. Fishing can be fun with solemn expectations and lead your kid to enjoy each moment.

  • Pack a picnic lunch (a sandwich or rolls with a flask filled with tea will be more than enough)
  • Announce the rewards for biggest, smallest and best catch!
  • Ask kids to take pictures of the day and make a scrapbook for memory
  • Use several types of bait and keep track of which performs better
  • Take board games to play during breaks
  • Bring portable audio speakers for your favorite tunes
  • Combine fishing with cooking lessons. Yes! The fish you catch is well cooked for tummy
  • Bring a few cards to play from the shore
  • Ask your child to imagine what they think the land looks like under the water.
  • Make small boats with paper to float on the water
  • Give your kids a bath in the natural water
  • Allow your child to wander or swim
  • Engage kids with questions like “what all do you see in nature?” etc.
  • Simply talk and enjoy the relaxing experience
  • Don’t forget to take silly pictures!