Summer is that season when you just want to escape the heat somehow. No matter the scorching heat, it is in this time when people flock to tourist destinations and beautiful resorts. In South India, Wayanad and Munnar are two such popular destinations with nature to relax and unwind.

Summer holidays and school vacations being the sole reason for packing the bags, the key to surviving the heat is in dressing appropriately and staying hydrated. Here, we have compiled a few summer packing list for you.


When the temperature is going high, choose clothes that are light and comfortable for you. Wear light cotton or linen clothes to keep you cool. Summer clothes, especially for India trip, should include comfortable pants, light cotton t-shirts and Indian tunics (Kurtis) and local baggy pants. Avoid wearing tight fitted outfits as it will be uncomfortable for travelling in the heat.


Carry a water bottle in the bag always. You can also revitalize yourself in the heat with refreshing energy drinks. It is a good idea to carry energy powders such as ‘glucon-D’ available at most pharmacies that can be quickly mixed with water. These energy drinks replenish depleted salts and provide a boost of energy just when you need it.


Tight shoes and heels are a no-no for summer travelling. Unless you are on a trek or a long hike, slip-ons and open sandals are most comfortable to allow your feet to breathe in the heat and humidity.


Find out the sunscreen with high SPF. A high SPF sunblock is of utmost importance to prevent sunburn in summer. It is advisable to carry the sunblock with you and reapply every two hours for it to remain effective.


In addition to the sunblock, you can use an umbrella to protect yourself from the harsh UV rays of the sun. Small and convenient folding umbrellas are easy to carry and do not take up much space.


Get light cotton scarves for an airy feel. These scarves will help you to cover your hair and face from the sun. If you have sensitive skin, covering your face with a scarf can help from sunburns. Cotton Scarves or stoles are available easily in street shops and are also useful if you are visiting a temple, as some will require you to cover your head.

Facial tissues/napkins:

Wet tissues and cleansing wipes are a must have for summer trips. High humidity places, especially near the coast, will leave you perspiring heavily and you will be glad to have that handy face wipe readily available. The sweaty face is no fun at all!

Mosquito Repellant or Nets:

Summer is the time where mosquitoes spread diseases. Carry a good quality mosquito repellent to protect yourself from bites. If you are able to set one up easily, a mosquito net is also worthwhile for when you sleep. There are wide varieties of easy to carry repellents available in the market.

Above list will make your summer packing effective and easier. If you are looking for great summer vacation, check out the best summer resort in Wayanad.