Imagine this.

You have arrived at the campground and you are pitching the tent and organizing the camp bed. Your kids find some rocks to skip in the water and are running back and forth enjoying the blissful vacation moments. A simple trip and fall can bruise and cut a knee, which might not seem that bad, but when you add in some dirty, things become messy and wound will be more severe.

Camping mishaps are unpredictable. With the wonder of the great outdoors come a host of other wonders like bee stings, injured knees, cuts, and burns.

Better be prepared than regret when an injury happens and spoil all the vacation fun. So what to take to remedy camping mishaps? Let us have a look…

Your first aid kit must contain the following items for the peaceful camping experience.

  1. All sizes of bandages or adhesive tapes
  2. Antiseptic or anti-inflammatory creams
  3. Tissues, cotton balls, and sterile wipes
  4. Small scissors, tweezers, knife
  5. Anti-histamine in case of allergic reaction
  6. Paracetamol/Panadol
  7. Hand Sanitiser
  8. Prescription medicines (if any)
  9. Aspirin for headaches and internal pain relief
  10. Hydrogen peroxide to treat cuts
  11. Sunburn Lotion

Consider weather condition of your camping spot. If it is a cold region, make sure to take sweaters and emergency blankets. If you happen to sit too close to the campfire, washing out eyes with saline solution can relieve ashes and dust in the eye.

You can create your own personal first aid kit with a few items, or buy a basic first aid kit from your local pharmacy or medical stores and add a few items specific to your camping adventure.

If you’re staying in adventure camping friendly resorts you may ask the operator for first aid kit as well.