4 Creative Ways To Save Money For Travel



4 Creative Ways To Save Money For Travel

By Woods team

Traveling is usually perceived as a privilege for the rich. It’s entirely true that rich folk can travel freely and effortlessly around the world. However, that doesn’t mean that regular people with average and even below average salaries can’t do it too.


The million dollar question is NOT: How do we get the money?


But instead: How much do we really want to travel ?


Saving money is easy – you just have to stop spending what you already earn. Learning how to stop spending is the real challenge and it requires a fair dose of discipline.


Obviously, we don’t mean you should eat once a day or get in debt with your landlord. There are expenses that are mandatory to lead a normal, healthy life. But you will be surprised how much money you spend on things that are not essential to leading a normal, healthy life.

A list of leisure and entertainment items you can easily live without

  • Eating out – Stop being lazy and cook for once.

  • Going to the cinema – How about TV or Netflix?

  • Impulse buying – video games, clothes, beauty products, discount items – this list is infinite in itself.

We’re just barely scratching the surface here, but you get the idea.

Buy your tickets early

If you’re traveling by plane, it’s significantly cheaper to buy your tickets 12 – 18 months in advance. If you’re flexible with the travel dates and spend some time shopping around, you can save hundreds of dollars on your plane tickets.


As an added bonus, having already paid the tickets, means you commit to the trip. You can’t bail out without losing the money – at best you can get them redirected to spend on a different flight, but not back to your wallet. This is surprisingly good motivation to keep going.

Cut your daily commute costs

This may surprise you, and it doesn’t apply to every person, but daily commute can be a significant expenditure.


If you travel by car, you can carpool with other colleagues and cut down on everybody’s costs. You will also have a chance to bond better and perhaps make some new friends.

If you can’t carpool for whatever reason and you live within 10km from your office, you can always get up an hour early and just cycle to work. You’ll save money and get in good shape.

Automate your saving

In order to automate your savings, you first need to open a new savings account that is dedicated to your travels only. It’s good to have a separate account, because you can easily track how far you are from your target and it prevents you from spending the money on something else.


When you set up your new account, you can choose to automatically transfer a small amount each week or month. If you put just $10 into your travel account every week, that’s $520 by the end of the year.


If you calculate your travel budget well enough, you can set your automatic savings and then forget all about it until it’s time to go. The money will be there when you need it.

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