Must Have Travel Essentials For a Perfect Monsoon Trip



Must Have Travel Essentials For a Perfect Monsoon Trip

By Woods team

Monsoons are wonderful as ever. Traveling during monsoons can be a bit risky, but the delicacies offered to make it the most enticing season. Let us make your monsoon trips easy and memorable. Woods resort offers you a list of essentials to plan the perfect monsoon trip. Enjoy!

An umbrella: 

Don’t forget to carry an umbrella which won’t be compromised during winds. Monsoons can get windy at times.

A raincoat for you and your backpack:

Carry a long trench style raincoat to keep you dry during rains. Also carry a rain cover for your backpack too as the last thing you want will be your clothes to get wet.

Sandals or shoes suitable for the wet weather: 

This is the most important thing to note. Don’t carry your leather or other high end material shoes or sandals for your trip during the monsoons. The rains will ruin your treasures. Pack the sandals which are made up of rubber or other materials which can survive in the rain and mud. Also, avoid sneakers or canvas shoes.

Strong mosquito repellent: 

The mosquitos breed the most during monsoons. Many diseases, both contagious and other, spread at a very fast pace in the wet climate. Protect yourselves from the stingy bites of mosquitoes by spraying yourselves with a strong mosquito repellent.

First aid supplies: 

Always carry the basic first aid kit for your trip. Dettol, essential tablets, bandaids, and the other basics. Monsoons can be dangerous and let us not take a chance.

Carry a power bank: 

As the power supply won’t be stable always during monsoons it is better to carry a power bank with you to be on the safer side.

Keep a flashlight with you: 

Relying on the phone’s flashlight won’t be a good idea. So make sure that you carry a flashlight with you in case of emergencies as it will get dark earlier during monsoons.

Follow these tips from the best resort in Wayanad and make your trip during monsoons the best. Enjoy the trip and be safe!