5 Wayanad Delicacies You don’t Want to Miss!



5 Wayanad Delicacies You don’t Want to Miss!

By Woods team

Wayanad is the ultimate destination for both adventure seekers and food lovers alike. Trekking? Checked! Camping? Checked! Food? Double check!

Delicacies of Wayanad will leave the pizza and ravioli behind for sure. Like other Kerala destinations, Wayanad serves rice and other rice dishes more frequently.

Let us look at a few special foods that’s worth trying during your time in Wayanad.

Puttu and Beef Fry:

Hot “Puttu” served with spicy beef fry is a delightful treat for nonvegetarians. This iconic breakfast has beef mixed with spices, coated in delicious thick gravy. The sinful taste of the gravy along with the surrounding wilderness is something you can’t miss.

Fish moilee:

If you haven’t tasted the fish moilee of Wayanad then your trip is totally incomplete. This dish tops the list of delicacies due to its rich creamy coconut stew with mild spices and dominating fish flavour. Usually, it is served with hot rice and papad.

Appam and Stew:

Another breakfast hit is appam, which is commonly seen in Kerala households and loved by all. This rice crepe style dish is served with either chicken or vegetable stew with minimal spices. The stew has got a taste that will linger on your taste buds long after you have left Wayanad!

The Nellikka (mouthwatering dessert option):

When it comes to savouring your sweet tooth, Wayanad has to offer a wide range of payasam made out of a pumpkin, milk, and rice. But what stands out is the gooseberries (Nellikka) that are soaked in traditional honey for months. This is one of the favourites of the tribes! Another must try!

Kaattu Soup:

A very unusual combination of diluted raw mango pulp blended with spices that are made out of powdered Wayanad forest mango, pepper, ‘chukku’ and other spices. Kattu soup is not only delicious, but it also has immense medicinal properties. It is the Keralite substitute for porridge. You only got to taste it to believe it!

Also, Wayanad “unni appams” are worth carrying back home to make your family happier. Most of the restaurants are built inside the resorts and offer vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian delicacies at your accommodation. Many restaurants and resorts in Wayanad also serve Italian and Chinese cuisines, so you won’t have a dearth of good eating options. But the more you explore the places, the more you will fall in love with the authentic Wayanad dishes and its greenery!