How To Get Fit Before A Trek?



How To Get Fit Before A Trek?

By Woods team

Consider the weather condition of your camping spot. If it is a cold region, make sure to take sweaters and emergency blankets. If you happen to sit too close to the campfire, washing out eyes with saline solution can relieve ashes and dust in the eye.

You can create your own personal first aid kit with a few items, or buy a basic first aid kit from your local pharmacy or medical stores and add a few items specific to your camping adventure.

If you’re staying in adventure camping friendly resorts you may ask the operator for a first aid kit as well.

Any adventure sports activity requires stamina and strength. Trekking is like any other athletic sport. Although we may have the notion that trekking is just like walking every day, the amount of energy and strength required varies with the level of trekking. That is why experts strongly recommend having fitness training for an enjoyable and easy trekking experience.

Let us see a few reasons why you should follow a fitness regime:

  • Trekking involves walking to high altitude regions. Air in these regions is thinner and to cope with this decreasing level of air, aerobic fitness is mandatory.

  • To walk for a long duration on hilly areas carrying a rucksack requires a moderate level of strength training. Without proper fitness training, you may feel exhausted to complete the trek.

  • Carrying a backpack, however light, can become a strain after a while. A fitness regime will help you be in good shape before the trek.

Listed below are a few tips to help you stay fit:


Stay Hydrated


Trekking involves a lot of muscle movements. Running low on fluids diminishes your stamina, contributes to fatigue, and makes you more susceptible to getting altitude illness. Focus on staying well hydrated during your training. Keep track of the amount of water intake every day. 8 to 10 classes a day should be your aim!


Start easy exercises


Stimulate your muscles by aerobic fitness routine. Not interested in hitting the gym? An easy and ideal way is to carry on your hill training by climbing up and down flights of stairs. Repeating the process a number of times helps to increase stamina. Initially, start with 20 flights of stairs. Then gradually build up to 100 flights of stairs.


Strength training and stretching


On your trek, it is important that you arrive on the slopes with your muscles relaxed. Strength training and stretching increases flexibility of muscles. It determines the amount of movement your bones can make in any direction around joints such as shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees. Stretching your hamstrings, quadriceps, hip flexors and low back muscles regularly, promotes relaxation in the tissues reducing the strain on your back.


Above tips are more than enough for an easy trekking experience. Last but not the least, invest in a good pair of shoes or hiking boots for trekking. A quality pair of shoes for walking long distances is a must for letting your legs do the job well.    

Trekking up a mountain or just hiking across in the countryside is a wonderful activity that everyone should indulge in. Check out resorts in Wayanad for experiencing this interesting sport with family and friends.