Wayanad: A Great Place For Bird Watching



Wayanad: A Great Place For Bird Watching

By Woods team

Wayanad is a great place for a family vacation. Despite the picturesque beauty and natural sightseeing, Wayanad has become the epitome for bird watching. With the lush green forest all over the ghats, waterfalls gushing through the hills and the pleasant cool weather, Wayanad is the abode for the variety of birds in India.

People from all over the world flock to see the rare species of birds and study their behaviour as well. Muthanga Wildlife sanctuary is one such place to go for students and bird lovers.

Also, for serious birders there are many spots to visit for bird watching such as Kuruva Island, Pakshipathalam, Edakkal caves, and Pookot Lake.

Want to experience the best of nature? Head to Thomarimala which is home to a wide variety of birds, animals and distinctive species of plants. This region will mesmerise you with the most spectacular bird watching opportunities imaginable. The place is well-known for its trekking experience with beautiful archeological carving along the trek path. Reaching on top of this area, one can enjoy the 360-degree view of the entire Wayanad.

Another interesting place is Thithimathi forest, which is a buffer area for Nagarahole National Park(Also called Rajiv Gandhi National Park). The scenic beauty around this place is ideal for a nice morning or late evening stroll. While walking, you can spot Pond Heron, Pied Wagtails, Golden Oriole, Small Green Bee Eater, Plum Headed Parakeet, Eurasian collared Dove and a few more common species.

A trip to Muthanga might yield a glimpse of the Malabar Grey Hornbill, herons, egrets, water ducks, peafowl, shrikes, eagles, cormorants, wagtails, rollers, pheasants, snipes and a large variety of other birds. The sight of beautiful peacocks dancing out their colorful feathers is something you don’t want to miss.

You may find bird watching difficult without the right guidance, so we have got the perfect solution for you. Bird watching or birding has become a recreational activity which is now offered by many resorts in Wayanad. The expert guides accompanying you will make sure that you don’t miss the glimpse of rare birds. From the cry and color of feathers of different birds, these expert guides can help you identify various birds you see along the way.

Just like cycling, fishing and jeep safari, bird watching also requires care and precautions. The most important factor is to let the birds live in harmony with nature. Birders should make sure that recreational activity does not harm the birds by any means.

Find your winged friends here in Wayanad and fill your vacation album with colorful bird pictures!