Things to Enjoy in a Wayanad Resort: Indoor and Outdoor Activities



Things to Enjoy in a Wayanad Resort: Indoor and Outdoor Activities

By Woods team

Wayanad, located in the Western Ghats, offers many exotic indoor and outdoor activities as well as tourist spots for its visitors. Explore the exciting things you can enjoy on your short visit in Wayanad. 

Wayanad is a magical land that presents several magical attractions to tourists. One of the most fascinating things about the destination is that it suits both adventure enthusiasts and families. With the splendid natural life, alluring waterfalls, enticing aroma of spices, fascinating caves, and luxurious resorts, Wayanad pulls in a huge number of tourists from across the world.

Youngsters and those young at heart, who want to explore the wildness of nature, and scale the heights of mountains, can choose spots like Chembra Peak or Banasura Hills. Families can savor the abundance of nature, breathe the pure air around, and spend time enjoying the blessings of mother earth. From wildlife tour and plantation visit to trekking, river rafting, tubing, climbing, sports camping, cycling, bird watching, and tribal visits, Wayanad resorts offer plentiful indoor and outdoor entertainment and fun activities for its visitors.

The Woods, maybe the only eco-friendly resort in Wayanad that offers you a set of well-designed activities to make your stay more rewarding and fun-filled.

Fun Activities in The Woods – The Mesmerizingly Elegant Resort in Wayanad

You can enjoy a plethora of indoor and outdoor activities to enjoy in a Wayanad resort. At The Woods, we have organized indoor and outdoor events to make your stay in our resort in Wayanad entertaining. It ranges from sports and games to visits to plantations and organic farms.

Learn why organic farming is important 

Indoor Activities in Our Resort

You can enjoy the following at our property – The Woods – the most beautiful and enticing resort in Wayanad.

Table Tennis

Test your game skills. Engage in Table Tennis with your spouse, friends, and children.


 Enjoy the game of Pool in the Pool Table set in our resort. Just get into the game even if you have never played it. Learn the simple game and play it out.


 Reenergize your body and soothe your soul in the spa offered at our resort. Trained professionals will use herbal oils and relaxing massage procedures to revitalize you.

Outdoor Activities in Our Resort in Wayanad – The Woods

Our list of outdoor activities, exclusively arranged for our guests include:


 Go out with your spouse, family, and friends on a cycling trail. View the matchless beauty of calm and pleasant greenery around. Give your body a healthy trip into the wild.

Organic Farm Tour  

 Visit our organic farm and fill your heart with the healthy farming practice followed by our resort. We use the organic products from our farm for preparing food for our valued guests.


 Get fishing gadgets from our store and get involved in fishing for fun. We would cook the fish caught by you, in the way you want.


 Test your aiming skills at the archery games in the specifically designated area. Children and adults alike enjoy this game of concertation and talent.

Tribal Village Tour

 Our approved guides would take you to the tribal village. Witness their customs and traditions. Guided tribal village tour from our resort is one of the most opted attractions mainly by international tourists.

Bird Watching  

 How many different types of birds have you seen in life? Not many perhaps. We provide bird watching to see a plethora of different types of birds. Such a wide and splendid sight of colorful avian may not be possible anywhere else.

Spice Garden Visit

 Kerala is the home of spices. The state exports cardamom, pepper, cinnamon, cloves, and other spices to different countries. We will organize a spice garden visit to view the spice plantations.


 Celebrate the beauty of life, sitting around a campfire, singing, dancing, and dining. Our resort has a safe campfire site for our guests to indulge in the joyful activity.

Welcome to The Woods Resort in Wayanad – A World of Grandeur Amid the Wild

 The hospitality of our team and the magnificence of our resort would turn your visit into an indelible one. Your trip to Wayanad would remain etched forever in your heart. Talk to us and schedule your holiday trip to this land of green beauty. Choosing a brilliantly organized and guest-friendly resort in Wayanad should be the first thing you must do. Our team is always at your service to ensure you a great visit to this blessed land.

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