Chembra Peak - Best Place For Trekking In Wayanad



Chembra Peak - Best Place For Trekking In Wayanad

By Woods team

Chembra Peak in Wayanad, at 6,890 feet above sea level, is a famous site for adventurous trekkers and rock climbers to venture out and experience an adrenaline rush like no other. It is the holy grail of adventurers who want to push their limits and increase their adrenaline levels. This hill, hidden away from the hustle and bustle of city life, provides a superb panoramic view of the surrounding area.

Chembra Peak in Wayanad is a must-see among the Wayanad Hill Ranges' summits because of its rocky terrains, hypnotic beauty, and heart-shaped Chembra lake. This peak's grandeur and splendour make it a popular destination for daring trips. Chembra Peak gives a beautiful backdrop and photo op for people who don't want to climb it, and it makes you fall in love with the surrounding landscape.

Chembra Peak Trek

The hike to Chembra Peak in Wayanad is widely regarded as the best that Kerala has to offer, and the offer is unquestionably excellent. The District Tourism Promotion Council, in collaboration with the South Wayanad Forest Development Agency, has put in place the required arrangements to facilitate trekking in Wayanad to the captivating peak.

The walk begins at the foothill of the Chembra peak, which is surrounded by a vast landscape of tea estates. The climb continues for another 1 km until you reach a watchtower with views of the Chembra peak and its surrounds. After another 2 kilometres, you will reach Hridayathadakam Lake, a heart-shaped lake. You can relax and enjoy the cool water by spending some time near this lake. After another 1 km of hiking from the lake, you will arrive at Chembra Peak. Overall, each side is a 4.5-kilometre ascent that takes between 3 and 4 hours to complete.

The walk is moderately arduous until the second stage, which takes you to the heart-shaped lake. The difficulty increases slightly beyond this point until you reach the peak since the trail grows steeper. Nature playfully blows gentle winds to invigorate and refresh you as you walk through the woodland. The cracking of dry leaves beneath your feet, the thin shafts of sunlight filtering through the thick branches, the joyous chattering of birds, and the faint sounds of beetles in the background will make you fall in love with nature all over again. Wading through the dense forests of the Wayanad Hill Range and discovering a pure and untouched environment is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

What to watch out for

  • A stunning heart-shaped lake

Midway up the Chembra peak is a lovely heart-shaped lake. Even in the summer, this lake is never dry. Even if there are overgrown grasses, the shape remains constant.

  • Trekking through tea plantations

From the forest office to the watchtower, the trail winds through lush green tea plantations. On your right, you can see tea plantations with a downhill slope, and the hill on your left.

From the forest office to the watchtower, you walk a few kilometres in this environment.

Take a walk through the lush green farms of Wayanad

  • Breathtaking view of Wayanad from the summit

The entire range of Wayanad can be seen from the summit of the Chembra mountain or the heart-shaped lake. Tea and coffee estates can be seen for miles on both sides.

Trekking to the top of the Chembra peak is prohibited due to the presence of wildlife.

Chembra Peak trekking time

The initial trek track takes 15 to 20 minutes from the starting point to the lookout tower. It takes 1 to 2 hours to walk from the watchtower to the heart-shaped lake. The trek from the heart-shaped lake to Chembra Peak takes another 1-2 hours.

How much do Chembra Peak permits and treks cost?

Permits must be obtained from the Meppadi forest office. Don't worry, the forest office is on the way to Chembra from Meppadi town. It's impossible to miss.

The trekking permit for Chembra Peak is 750 rupees (including the guide fee). 750 rupees for ten members, plus 75 rupees for each additional member.

A fee of 750 rupees is required to obtain Chembra Peak hiking permits, regardless of the number of people (whether one or ten). If you are under the age of ten, make some trekking pals and split your permits with them.

A ticket for a still camera costs 50 rupees.

How can I get to the start of the Chembra Peak trek?

Meppadi is the closest town. From Kalapetta to Meppadi, there are numerous buses. The starting location for the Meppadi to Chembra Peak walk is 10 kilometres away.

From Meppadi, Chembra Peak is not accessible by public transportation. Private automobiles and rented jeeps are the sole choices.

When is the best time to climb Chembra Peak in Wayanad?

Chembra is best hiked after the rains. From December through February, that is. This is the season when the grass is green and the air is clean. Season of happiness.

During the pre-monsoon season (February to June), the grass turns yellow.

During the monsoon season (July to October), it pours in this part of the world. The trail is slick, and trekking in Wayanad during heavy rains may require some serious Bear Grylls abilities.

Trekking in Wayanad, on the other hand, can be done all year.

Trekking allows you to enjoy the sport while exploring the region's breathtaking nature. You can even take some amazing nature shots. Indian culture and tradition have long captivated visitors and attracted large crowds to the country. Tourists prefer mountaineering or trekking in Wayanad because they provide insight into the vivid culture of the natives. You can also stay at luxury resorts and go on an exciting trekking adventure in Wayanad. These resorts are nestled in a lush forest, making them suitable for activities such as trekking, trucking, campfires, bird-watching, rock-climbing, and other adventurous pastimes. Tourists visiting Wayanad can have a variety of beautiful resorts to choose from.