Visiting Vayanadu on a Budget: Top City Views



Visiting Vayanadu on a Budget: Top City Views

By Woods team

Summer vacations are round the corner. Whether you have already planned to go to the woods or the beach or a hotel this summer, travelling in high temperatures can be stressful if unprepared. Scorching heat burns your skin and sweaty body leaving you tired. This can make a wonderful summer vacation a complete disaster.


To help you enjoy fully and make travelling in summer your dream vacation, we have compiled a few summer tips for you.

Consider ‘Stay-cation’

To get rid of sunburns in the middle of the day, it is a good idea to stay indoors during peak hours (11:00 am to 3:00 pm). Consider resort stay and exploring the indoor activities during this time. Also, you can opt to visit local indoor attractions instead of jetting halfway around the city! You’ll not only use less energy but save money and time too.

Pack light

Heard this saying “Leave the kitchen sink at home”? That’s exactly what we mean by saying packing light. Take only essential items that you will need to travel at ease. Cotton clothes that are the light shade, sunglasses, sunscreen lotions and a water bottle are the quintessential items you can’t miss out while packing.

Skin care Tip

As mentioned above, find a sunscreen suitable for your skin and make sure you apply it half an hour before going out in the sun. This helps protect your skin against the harmful u-v rays. Also, keep wet tissues handy to wipe out the sweaty face while walking in the sun.

Driving? Avoid peak travel times

Road trips can be great with long and no traffic roads. Traveling on off-peak days can prevent you from hitting congested highways. Don’t lose your well-earned time off sitting in traffic!

Also, opt for driving in early mornings and evening time if possible. Riding through scorching sun rays on your face is no fun!

Protect your head and eyes

Avoid standing in direct sunlight as it can strain your eyes and cause a headache. Carry a cap or a hat or a scarf or an umbrella. Something that covers your head from direct sunlight. This will prevent your head from getting affected by the heat.

Wear appropriate light clothes

Wear cotton clothes that cover a lot of your body. Cotton clothes help your skin breathe and feel airy. Wear clothes that cover your neck, shoulders, arms, torso, and legs. A jean, a trouser, a full sleeve shirt, high collar t-shirt and similar dresses etc are examples of clothes that cover your skin parts. Make sure the clothes you wear are not tight fitted ones.

Consume lots of Fluids

With the heat, you sweat a lot, resulting in energy loss and dehydration. You should always drink about 3-4 litres of water daily and if possible get electrolyte powder from home. Keep glucose packets while travelling to give you occasional energy boost. Taking ORS is also good in summer. Drink one pouch in 1 litre of water daily to supplement any loss of salt and minerals from your body.

Eat healthy and fresh food

Summer is filled with ice lollies and cut fruits in the street that are tempting to the eye. When it comes to food, you should stick to fresh fruits and vegetables and avoid roadside cut fruits. Some summer fruits that are available are Mangoes, Water Melon, Musk Melon and Bananas.


In meals, please stick to the vegetarian diet as much as possible in local eateries. Eat salads and fresh veggies that are not overcooked. While this can be hard to get while travelling in South India, it is worth the shot wherever you can get it.

If you follow these tips, 90% of your battle is already won. Last, but not the least, be a responsible traveller by considering the environment. It is a great idea to keep the motto of making the places you visit, a better one. Meaning, No trash dropping or plastic disposing in the areas you visit! 


Happy Summer Holidays!