10 Ways To Eat Healthy While Travelling



10 Ways To Eat Healthy While Travelling

By Woods team

Eating healthy while travelling can really be hard for one to balance. From lack of fresh water to eating at odd hours. Sometimes when travelling your body can decide to work against you hence you lose the appetite to eat. Here are the ten tips you need to order to ensure healthy eating while travelling.

Take light food before travelling

Eating heavy before travelling especially if you are travelling by air can pose problems on your digestive system. Eating lightly will ensure that you are on the right weight before flying. You may need to reconsider taking that delicious well-cooked meat and opt for vegetables just to be on the safe side.

Take lots and lots of water

Proper hydration is vital for your body during travelling. Travelling can really dehydrate your body hence making you feel tired, and times you may feel sick. The ensure sufficient hydration 

on your body, be sure to pack a large bottle of water for use while travelling.

Carry enough energy snacks

You need snacks while travelling to rejuvenate your body energy. You can pack fresh fruits, energy drinks and other nutrients packed food. In case you run out of stock before you arrive at your destination, you can stop by a grocery store and restock enough to get you to your destination.

Avoid eating plane food at all costs

Plane foods are highly processed, have too much salt and sugar which might not work well with your digestive system. If you must eat on the plane, it’s best if you eat your own cooked food. You might also consider eating at the airport before boarding the plane.

Find a place where you can comfortably cook and eat

Eating your own cooked meals when travelling is so fulfilling. It saves you from the stress of wondering if the food you are served was well cooked and fit for your consumption. Stopping by a resort and getting yourself a room where you can cook will really do you good.

Eat when you arrive at your final destination

Eating at your final destination will really help rejuvenate your worn out body. Consider eating fresh fruits and enough carbohydrates and vegetables just to calm your nerves.

Put your tummy first

Curry, enough energy drinks supplements, to always ensure your stomach is well taken care of. The supplement will help rejuvenate your body and prevent you from feeling awful during the journey.

Eat only when you feel hungry

This is another effective way to ensure that you are eating healthy while travelling. Eat only when those hunger pangs no longer give you peace. You should not eat because of exhaustion. It might not work the magic with your tummy, and you may end up feeling awful about yourself.

Have other alternatives for greens

While travelling some places might not have enough fresh greens which your tummy is used to. You may consider bringing along green supplements to supplement your diet and satisfy that insatiable appetite you might be having for greens. You can buy macro greens supplements packed in small packets. Mix with your water or that favourite smoothie you love.

Treat yourself while travelling

This might not sound right to you, but it is a good thing to always treat yourself to the best while travelling. It will really work the magic. Take a heavy meal during lunchtime. This will give you the much-needed energy to end the rest of the day.