10 Things Travellers Should Know About Wayanad



10 Things Travellers Should Know About Wayanad

By Woods team

Wayanad is one of the most beautiful and prominent tourist destinations in Kerala. It is famous for having a pleasant climate all year. It has everything from tall aiguilles to old caves which can keep the traveller hooked to the place. It has an enchanting misty cold weather which makes it an ideal place for a summer getaway. It can be easily reached from places like Bangalore, Mysore, and Kochi. Wayanad also has large forests where someone can spot animals such as elephants, tigers, and deers. In short, a trip to Wayanad can please all sides of you whether it be adventurous, wildlife lover or a history lover. 

Places to Visit in Wayanad

Edakkal Caves

It is situated in the tallest peak in Wayanad and houses the drawings of the neolithic men. It is a perfect spot for a history lover. It has fresh water springs inside the cave and gives a sprawling view of Wayanad from the top. The phantom rock at the top of the cave is also jaw dropping. It takes a good climb to reach the top of the caves. It can be an exciting adventure. The cave is large and extensive and quite primitive. It'll be like enjoying a trip down memory lane.

Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary

It houses several species of animals including elephants and deers. It is possible for travelers to go deeper into the jungle and see the animals. If you are a wildlife enthusiast and love to know more about them this trip can greatly benefit you. It is also a great chance to brush up your skills as a wildlife photographer. 

Pookode Lake

If you are looking for a slow day in Wayanad, this place is just right for you. They provide boating services using which you can sail into the lake and feel the freshwater. They also have a shop that sells handcrafted goodies for the tourists that resonates Wayanad’s love for its culture and style. Wayanad is also home to several tribal groups which is fascinating. Their products are available at the store. It is Kerala's highest altitude freshwater lake. It also has a freshwater aquarium which can be interesting to the kids. It holds different types of fishes both ornamental and otherwise. 

Banasura Dam

Banasura Dam boasts of being the only earthen dam in Kerala. It is also the second largest in Asia. It is nestled between the Western Ghats and is a pleasure to eyes. It holds an enchanting beauty and extends to a long distance. It is also India's largest earthen dam. One can see a chain of mountains hazily behind the dam. The dam is an excellent place to start trekking. It reflects upon the greenery of Kerala and houses different species of birds. It is rich in vegetation and is a must visit place in the whole of Wayanad. Unlike other dams, this one was built using boulders and stone which itself makes it an astounding tourist attraction. 

Kuruva Island

It is an adventure spot as well as a place of fascination. It is home to tribal groups and has a resplendent water body where one can engage in kayaking. The island is a source of rich vegetation and contains the rarest plants and flowers. It is also a perfect place for a birdwatcher as thousands of species find their way to this island. It is a river delta that is spread over a large 950 acres of land. There is also river rafting which adds to an already exciting time on the island. 

The Best Time to Visit Wayanad

Even though Wayanad has a pleasant climate throughout the year, the ideal time to visit the place is between October to May. December is the perfect time for a visit as you can see thick fog and mist in Wayanad and it adds unspeakable beauty to the terrain. Due to its spectacular sights and cool weather, Wayanad is also known as Ooty of Kerala. The temperature in Wayanad during the month of February can fall up to 10 degrees. Even during summers, the weather is light with coolness coming off from the jungle. Summer is never scorching in Wayanad like other destinations in Kerala. 

How to Arrive in Wayanad

It is easy to reach Wayanad through roads from the states with which it shares its boundaries. Wayanad can also be reached through air. The Calicut International Airport is only 65 kilometers from Wayanad. It is the nearest airport. From there cab service can be used to reach Wayanad. 

Resorts in Wayanad. Where to Stay When You Visit Wayanad

One need not worry about the stay while visiting Wayanad. There are plenty of luxury resorts in Wayanad. There are budget friendly hotels and resorts as well for visitors. Nearly all resorts provide a premium experience to the visitors embedded with all amenities.