Solo Riding Tips: Fun With Just You And Your Bike



Solo Riding Tips: Fun With Just You And Your Bike

By Woods team

There are many people who find great joy in solo bike rides. The landscapes can vary but the feeling is unexplainable! It is said that in Kerala, a solo biking trip is the best way of getting the complete feel of Wayanad adventure activities. Since you are riding alone, it is advisable to take a bit of extra caution.


Here are several important tips and tricks for staying safe and making your ride enjoyable.

Check your bike regularly 


It is important to check your bike regularly to ensure your bike is free from any mechanical problems. If anything goes wrong during your ride, you need to find a mechanic or a spare part to fix the same. Meanwhile, when you ride alone, you need to sort everything on your own. Check tires, tire pressure, clutch, and brake levers to ensure these are in good condition.     

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Never ride at night  


Though riding at night is a thrilling experience, it is highly risky especially while riding solo. A mishap or some complicated situation can put you in a sticky position as finding help would be difficult at night. Any unfortunate incident like this will impact your riding schedule for the next few days adversely. So, it is better to avoid riding at night.

Entertain you while riding 


Sometimes, solo riding can get a little dull over time. So, you need to be highly creative and entertain yourself when riding. There are a large number of people who often prefer to listen to music on their mobile phones, but it is not advisable from a safety point of view.   

Be friendly with locals 


A solo ride is something that can also get a little tedious with time. So the next time you are riding alone, break the ice and talk to the locals. People will approach you to talk to you about your travels. You can get friendly, click pictures and take back memories.

ID and emergency details  


You should always keep your ID with you especially when you are riding alone. You should also carry another important form of ID if you can, as a precautionary measure. Besides, you should have a complete list of emergency details with you to stay safe while solo riding.

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