Cycling Tour in Wayanad



Cycling Tour in Wayanad

By Woods team

There are various activities to do in this paradise. Trekking, Fishing, Elephant ride, camping are to name a few.


One of the ideal ways to indulge in experiencing Wayanad locally is to go on a Cycling tour. If you are residing in resorts near Sulthan Bathery, you can check with the front desk about cycling tour details.

These resorts often provide cycles on hourly rates or a per-day basis. The view you get while cycling these routes will leave you breathless.

Why cycling?


An age-old means of transportation, cycling unlike any other activity is unique in its own way.

  • Cycling helps you to build muscles and enhances mental well-being. It combines physical exercise with being outdoors and exploring new views. It helps you sleep better.

  • It is eco-friendly, ensuring no damage is done to the heavenly environment using fueled vehicles.

  • Don’t want to burn your pocket, but yet want some adventure? Cycling is extremely pocket-friendly.


Hiring cycles in Wayanad are very simple as there are many cycle suppliers in and around the main town. So, it is a very common thing to do for adventure lovers. Also, with the weather always being calm and pleasant, the air being fresh, riding around the town is more refreshing than exhausting.

Hire a cycle or rent a taxi car and visit must see locations in Wayanad


Cycling in Wayanad is amongst the best cycling experiences in India. Riding up the hills and mountains sure demands a consistent amount of stamina, but the journey across the plantation route road is worth the efforts invested.


Fix a date and start planning for a hassle-free trip! Get away from the scrambles of your daily routine with an off-road cycling trip in Wayanad. Let yourself revel in the beauty of natural sun-kissed greenery prevailing in the locality. A few hours of cycling, along with the tea plantation trails that are curvy and scenic, will definitely extend an adventurous environment to you.

The sights in Wayanad are world-famous and here you are getting the supreme chance to possess some of the mesmerizing scenery filled with lush green forests, wildlife, waterfalls, and awesome climate. 


You can check out a few Cycling routes and decide your trail of the unique experience!