The Health Benefits of Walking Barefoot on Grass



The Health Benefits of Walking Barefoot on Grass

By Woods team

You feel better when you walk barefoot on the grass, don’t you? Ever wonder why this happens? Recent studies have explained why. The Earth is full of wonderful and potent energy and when there is a barefoot contact, free electrons from the Earth can be absorbed by our body. This energy can nourish your body, mind, and soul. This concept is known as Earthing! Interesting, right?


Earthing has several astonishing health benefits! You won’t believe how helpful it can be in your everyday life.  Let’s go through some of it…

Improves Eyesight

Walking barefoot on grass is an effective way to improve eyesight naturally. There are points under the feet to which the eye nerve system is attached. According to reflexology, applying pressure to those points can energize the eyes. Looking at green also relaxes your eye muscles.

Relieves Stress

Green is a soothing color that helps calm your mind and reduces tension. When you walk barefoot on grass, the level of endorphins(feel-good hormones) in your body increases. Research also shows that walking barefoot on grass helps to decrease stress level by 62 percent.

Keeps Feet Healthy

When you walk bare feet, the skin of the feet is stretched and kept relaxed. The muscles, ligaments, and tendons in the feet are also strengthened and hence there is no chance of any sore feet. Also, walking barefoot improves the flexor strength which is beneficial for people who have flat feet.

Removes negativity

When you walk barefoot on grass, Earth’s surface electrons will be transferred into your body and the negative charge electrons from your body will be absorbed or neutralized by the Earth.

Aids in sleeping

A good walk on the grass stabilizes the circadian rhythm of your body by which you have a better sleep at night. Earthing also helps in balancing hormones in the body.


Apart from these, there are other benefits of earthing such as it improves autonomic nervous system balance, promotes cardiovascular health, improves blood viscosity, boosts brain power, improves heart rate variability etc.

Nature is healing; all we need to do is try to hang out to enjoy its serenity or get a holiday package to treat yourself with the treasures of nature during your weekend getaways… Perhaps it’s time to be out in nature, barefooted! So take off your shoes and relax your feet!