Best Money Saving Hacks For Your Next Trip



Best Money Saving Hacks For Your Next Trip

By Woods team

So you are planning to make a memorable trip to Wayanad? You may be looking for the best money saving hacks if you have a limited budget. The best money saving hacks will not only help you save your hard-earned money but also keep you calm and stress-free throughout your journey. They will make your trip easier, affordable and enjoyable.

Never book flights on weekend 

Booking a flight for the weekend is always an expensive deal and you will end up paying a lot of bucks. Flight fares generally go up on Monday or Friday or Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday are considered the best days for cheap airfares. So, you can now book your flights accordingly!

Carry reusable water bottle 

When travelling with your family, it is always a good idea to carry reusable water bottles. Sometimes, while travelling to new places, the snacks and beverages might not be ideal for your kids. This is when your bottle filled with water or juice could save the day! The best thing about such a bottle is that it is handy and easy to carry around.

Pack your baggage smartly 

Travel light wherever you go. Travellers today, prefer travelling with one-carry on each and also forgoing the large case. It is certainly possible to go on a week’s vacation with one carry-on. So pack smart and save up on the extra baggage fare!

Stay fully organized with apps 

Another simple way to cut back on your expenditure is with the help of a travel app. There are several travel apps widely available in the market. Find an app that matches your requirements and plan your trip with ease.

Get car rental insurance free 

Before you pay up for ridiculously expensive car insurance that most rental companies provide, call your credit card provider and find out if your car rental insurance is included.  

Rent a resort 

If you are seeking affordable accommodation in Wayanad for instance, you should always look for the best resort in Wayanad Kerala rather than choosing an expensive hotel.  There are a large number of resorts available in Wayanad so you will never face any difficulty in finding such a resort.

Stay safe 

Although hotels and resorts provide security locks, it is in your best interest to carry a portable door lock. This way you and your belongings stay safe!

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