Reasons to Choose Wayanad for Your Next Holidays



Reasons to Choose Wayanad for Your Next Holidays

By Woods team

The state of Kerala is popularly known as God’s Own Country and the land of Wayanad, situated in the northeastern part of Kerala is a reflection of that title. Wayanad, with its abundant and pristine natural beauty, is indeed a haven of this world. Wayanad receives thousands of tourists from all around the world everytime of the year. The presence of snow-clad mountains, lush & soothing greenery, gentle & calming breezes, and a welcoming & friendly community, makes Wayanad an irresistible choice of travel destination.

If you have fallen in love with Wayand already, we will give you more reasons why choose Wayanad for your holidays.

Mountains of Wayanad – Activity: Trekking, Exploration

Did you know that Wayanad is the only plateau in Kerala?. Due to its geographical layout, Wayanad is endowed with beautiful and high-altitude mountains and peaks. Some of the best trekking spots in Wayanad are given below.

Banasura Hills – The ethereal sights and the breathtaking scenery from the Banasura hills, make it one of the most famous tourist spots in India. Located 20 km away from Kalpetta, Wayanad, Banasura hills is one of the tallest mountains in the Western Ghats.

For adventure-loving trekking enthusiasts, Banasura hills would be a great choice. The flora and fauna in and about the place are worth exploring and are preserved well. To reach Banasura Hills, taxi services are available.

Chembara Peak – The highest peak in Wayanad, Chembara is a serene sight to behold and is dearly loved by nature-lovers. Chembara has still managed to preserve its beauty even with so many years passing by. Many exotic species of flora and fauna can be seen at Chembara Peak and the route to the peak has a great view of waterfalls nearby. Chembara is a great spot for trekking and prior permission is necessary to carry out any trekking activity.

Pakshipathalam – One among the finest trekking spots in India, Pakshipathalam is a haven for some of the rarest avian species. The location is considered to be of great value and interest and is one of the frequently visited locations in Kerala. Thrill and adventure seekers can arrive at Pakshipathalam to fulfill all their dreams. Guided tours by the local tribes are a great experience to go through. Giant Malabar Squirrels, Gaurs, etc, can be easily spotted along the journey.

Nature’s beauty at Wayanad – Activity: Exploration, Sightseeing

Wayanad is abundant with green meadows of valleys, blue water lakes, wild forests, and more. Nature’s beauty can be captured all at once at Wayanad. Some of the beautiful nature spots in Wayanad are:

Soochipara Falls – Popularly known as the Sentinel Rock Waterfalls, Soochipara is a three-tiered waterfall offering stunning visuals of Wayanad. The height of the waterfalls is about 656 feet and the surroundings are filled with lush green trees and massive rocks. Rocking climbing is a popular activity to do at the Soochipara Falls. Monsoon season is the best time to visit the Soochipara Waterfalls.

Meenmutty Waterfalls – A must-see attraction and a natural hideaway, Meenmutty Waterfalls is a 984-foot tall three-tiered waterfall. The lush and green woodlands provide a mesmerizing view of the place. The journey to the waterfalls is around 2 kilometers distance and has amazing views to look at. Meenmutty Waterfalls is a great spot for photography and hitchhiking.

Arippara Waterfalls – These magnificent waterfalls in Wayanad will calm your mind and soul forever. Arippara Waterfalls cascade down in eight feet tiers. The lush flora surrounding the waterfall is a delight to watch. This waterfall is a great picnic spot for families, students, and corporate groups. The best time to visit Arippara would be from November to May.

Iruppu Falls – Iruppu Waterfalls pours down the Brahmagiri Hills. This waterfall is one of the best tourist spots in Wayanad. Owing to its ample greenery, Iruppu Falls is also known as Lakshmana Tirtha Falls. Birdwatchers and photographers can have the best time of their lives at the Iruppu Waterfalls. Iruppu is also a popular pilgrim destination.

Resorts in Wayanad

More than just a stay, resorts in Wayanad offer you an experience of a lifetime. Resorts in Wayanad are known for their harmonious co-existence with the natural beauty of Wayanad and are eco-friendly in their policies. There are also plenty of luxury resorts in Wayanad.

Choose the best resort for your stay in Wayanad with careful consideration of all the options available to you.

Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary, Tholpetty, Karappuzha Dam, Tiger Valley, Jain Temple at Sultan Bathery, Bird Sanctuary in North Wayanad, Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, Chethalayam Waterfall, Sri Mahaganapathy Temple at Thiruvangoor, the list goes on. Wayanad has a lot to offer you for some great memories that you can hold onto.

I think now you got the answer for why choose Wayanad for your  holidays? What more are you waiting for? Pack your bags, book your resort and head out to Wayanad today. Hurry!

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