Trekking Essential Checklist: What to Put in your Backpack



Trekking Essential Checklist: What to Put in your Backpack

By Woods team

Packing essential items for any trip is a good habit! Today we will discuss what to pack in your backpack, especially for adventure – Trekking. With these items in your mind, your trekking experience will be a hassle-free and more enjoyable one!

Navigation/Route Map

Whether your trek is long or short, having a hard copy of the route map can help you avoid taking wrong paths. Though digital maps are good to carry, you never know when the device battery runs low. A compass is lightweight and a traditional, no-hassle way to find out direction.


Trekking requires a great amount of energy. Your body will get dehydrated as you trek, regardless of hot or cold weather. If the temperature is low, you will not even realize you are sweating. Keep a water bottle filled with natural water and sip frequently.

Healthy snacks

You should carry something easy to munch on during the trail. A small box with dry fruits, nuts, protein bars or chocolates will be perfect and takes up very less space in the backpack. Munching on these items every now and then keeps your energy level optimum.

A Torch/Flashlight

In case it gets late or dark while coming back from the day’s hike, a torchlight or flashlight can prove to be a lifesaver. Headlamps are also great, for it has hands-free operation and comparatively long battery life.


You are exposed to direct sunlight while trekking. Carry a sunglass that helps to lighten the eye strain. When choosing a sunscreen, health experts advise choosing a formula that offers a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 15 and one that blocks both UVA and UVB rays. Depending on many factors (time of day, sweat and more), you should reapply as often as every 2 hours.

First Aid Kit

You never know when your hands or legs get bruises and cuts. As trekking involves body movements through rocks, chances of injury are high. A handy first aid kit is very important for trekking. Not sure of what exactly you will need in this kit? And if you don’t want to miss out on the essential first aid items, just go through a first aid checklist for adventure camping.

Fire items

If you are camping at the destination at night, it is a good idea to carry a matchbox or lighters to make a campfire. A waterproof matchstick is recommended for the adventurous trip and use some wooden chips found around the place as a firestarter. Making a campfire can help you stay warm and also you can cook if needed.

Hand Sanitizer

Your hands will keep coming in contact with unwanted spots either by falling or climbing or looking for support when you are on a hike or a trek. Hand sanitizers will help reduce the probability of getting sick while on a multi-day trek or after coming back from a day’s hike on the nearby trail.

Insect repellent

If you decide to camp or not after the trek, carry an insect repellant as you never know when it will be essential. Skin rashes from insect bites while trekking is no fun at all! Your most effective options are lotion or spray repellents containing picaridin, and/or clothing that has been treated with permethrin.

Last but not the least, knowledge is quintessential! Having essential items in our backpack and not knowing when and how to use these items can be such a waste of carrying things.

With above mentioned items you are good to go for an awesome trekking experience.  If you are planning a trekking in and around South India, check out Wayanad for its variety of beautiful places to trek. There are many resorts in Wayanad which can guide you for trekking as well. 


Happy Trekking!

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