Top Attractions in The Woods Resorts Wayanad



Top Attractions in The Woods Resorts Wayanad

By Woods team

Top Attractions in the Woods Resort

The woods is a beautiful resort in the verdant greenery of Wayanad. Here you can find the perfect solutions for travel lovers, who are looking for a resort in the middle of the natural world! 


If you are setting out to explore the wilderness of Wayanad, we are here to offer you an abode of comfort. 

1. Wildlife

Muthanga and Tholpetty are the two thriving wildlife habitats at Wayanad. Visit these centres to experience nature at its best.

2. Trekking

The woods offer a surreal experience that never fails to amaze travellers and trekkers. Discover the unseen views and treat your eyes to the beauty of hilly landscapes and rich green valleys.

3. Cycle Trekking

Explore the diverse topography and culture of Wayanad. Cycling over meadows, streets, and countrysides of Wayanad redefines the concept of dimension. Beautiful hills, gentle slopes, and lush landscapes make it a delight for riders.

4. Fishing and Archery

Don’t let the big one get away! Bail your own hook in our natural pond and cook the fish by yourself! The Woods team will provide Fishing and Archery!

5. Camping/Bonfire

So get ready for a Blazing Bonfire, Starry Night, and Warm weather. Gather around the dancing flames and party high with your dear ones! At the Woods, campfires are organized late into the evening. Starting from 7 pm onwards.

6. Ayurvedic Treatment

Experience wellness with the goodness of Ayurveda! Our authentic Ayurvedic therapies can work wonders on your health and well-being. Keep your body and mind relaxed with expert ayurvedic massages.

7. Organic Farming and Cooking

Eat Organic & Stay Healthy! We pursue organic farming as our healthy food style! We are happy to serve our customers with quality products that are fresh and pure.

8. Indoor Tranquility

Perfect tranquility within consists in the good ordering of the mind, the realm of your own! Experience peace like never before, in the lap of mother nature.

9. Bird Watching

Are you willing to stand quietly, looking up into the sky, marveling at birds, and reveling in the natural world around you?! A visual treat for birders in the tranquil surrounding is a worthwhile attraction in The Woods.