10 Important Things To Carry While on an Adventure Trip



10 Important Things To Carry While on an Adventure Trip

By Woods team

Whether it is a backpacking weekend, an active week in Wayanad or a two-month-long research trip, there are a few mandatory items you will need for a no-hassle and fun-filled trip.


The last thing you want on your trip is to find out you have reached the dead end! Take GPS, maps, and compasses to guide you on the right path.


Always carry extra food to keep you well-nourished for the active trip. More nutrition, the more energy you will have for the entire trip. Pro tip: carry more granola bars.


Just like carrying food, water is another important item you don’t want to miss. Carry two full water bottles and sip it along the trip for complete hydration.

Sun protection

Being outside means exposing your skin to the sun. Carry a good SPF sun protection cream to help your skin from tanning and over-exposure to UV rays. Sunglasses and hats are also great!

First Aid Kit

You can’t predict when you might get injured. Carrying a first aid kit is very important for dealing with bruises and cuts. Wondering what to carry in the kit? First Aid Kit checklist will make your task easy.


Carry flashlights, spare batteries, and headlamps (leave your hands free to work, read, etc.). Also, carry matchsticks and lighters just in case you need some fire to keep yourself warm.

Emergency shelter

You can easily get emergency shelters online for cheap rates. Find out the one which suits your needs and pack it in your bag. Thermal reflective shelter, cold weather shelter are a few of my choices!


Warm clothing, rain jackets or extra clothing layers will be useful to keep you fresh. Carry simple and comfy extra clothes that are easily foldable and occupy less space in your bag.

Repair kit

Have a small pouch with needles, threads, small knife, duct tape etc. which might be used as the repair tool. You never know when you will need them! Be prepared.

Insect repellent

Almost everyone forgets this essential item. Carry a small tube of mosquito or insect repellent to protect your skin from bites and rashes.

These items may look like a lot, but it will actually fit in a small carry sack ideal for an adventure trip. Remember to take these survival items at all times whenever you are heading out into the wilderness.