Things to know about Meenmutty Waterfalls in Wayanad



Things to know about Meenmutty Waterfalls in Wayanad

By Woods team

A visit to Wayanad will not be complete without a visit to the Meenmutty waterfalls. It is a beautiful natural wonder of three-tiered waterfalls. Witnessing a waterbody falling from a height of 300ft is a vision to watch. Meenmutty waterfalls is the second largest waterfall in Kerala. The waterfalls are luscious and superficial at the same time, and one can wile away time by just looking at this natural beauty. The best time to visit the waterfalls is the monsoon season when you can see the heavy flow amidst the lush greenery of the tropical forest which makes it even more significant. To reach this beautiful waterfall, one needs to have a very mildly-adventurous trek of two kilometres inside the forest. You have to be prepared to find leeches during the trek and make sure to have a saline spray to get rid of them. 

Reasons why monsoon is a good time to visit is because:

  • There are overflowing waterfalls in the monsoon and it will help you see the waterfalls in all their glory. It is extremely dangerous to bathe in the waterfalls during monsoon as the chances of drowning are high. 
  • In the right season and at the right time, road trips through the Wayanad routes, especially to Meenmutty waterfalls in Wayanad, can be foggy. It gives you a different and intense vibe of travelling. The fog is so intense that you feel like you are amongst the clouds. 
  • Trekking through the dense forest to reach Meenmutty brings you closer to nature in all dimensions, and is definitely a refreshing take from your daily mundane life.

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Now, road access is available to the entrance and from where you have to start your trek to witness the Meenmutty waterfalls. If you are someone who is not that adventurous; then it will be fitting for you to go during dry seasons as monsoon season can render the rocks slippery; you have to cross a number of boulders to reach the waterfall. 

Interesting Facts about Meenmutty Falls

The first tier of the waterfall is quite easy to reach as it's just a half-kilometre trek. Things get a little pesky when you move towards seeing the other two tiers of the waterfall. The second tier can be reached by climbing stairs made of stone boulders which are in the same line as the downstream and count up to another half-kilometre. The third tier is a conspicuously challenging trek as it requires you to climb over slippery boulders with the help of ropes and there are places where it becomes steep to ascend. It will take around 10-15 minutes for the trek to reach the highest point. But once you reach the final spot, it makes your trip uphill worthwhile. You can get to see the breathtaking view of Banasura Sagar dam surrounding such great foliage and experience an otherworldly atmosphere up and can observe the waterfalls crashing down. 

Meenmutty waterfalls in Wayanad are bound to be closed during heavy rainfalls. It will be ideal to get a proper understanding of the weather before you plan your visit to the Meenmutty waterfalls. You can take a dip in the water while you are there but do it only with the approval of the guards around as it can be risky. Meenmutty waterfalls can be called a photographer's paradise because they can give some of the best surreal shots of nature.

Pointers to be kept in mind before the visit to the Meenmutty waterfalls:

  • There is a prescribed time to visit Meenmutty waterfalls in Wayanad from the morning at 9 AM to the evening at 5:30 PM.
  • It is located 22 km from the capital of Wayanad, Kalpetta. 
  • The closest town is Padinjarathara, 5 km away. 
  • The nearest railway station is Calicut which is 82 km away. There are frequent buses from Calicut to Padinjarathara. 
  • The entry fee to Meenmutty waterfalls is as follows:
    • Adult: INR 30
    • Children: INR 15
    • International travellers: INR 60
    • Still Camera: INR 75
  • These prices can vary depending on the Government regulations.
  • The best time to visit Meenmutty is during the winter and spring months i.e., from October to March.
  • It is advisable to have a guide who knows the topography of the place along with you. 

You have umpteen options to stay near the Meenmutty waterfalls in Wayanad. The choice can be split between exotic resorts to budget stays; If you are planning to visit during the season, make sure you book your hotels and resorts as and when you plan. The stay can be quite expensive, and it is difficult to get places to stay at the last minute. The resorts in Wayanad can give you exclusive services like campfires, treehouse stays and even special barbecue nights. Choosing Wayanad and especially to be a spectator of the Meenmutty waterfalls can give you tremendous relief from the hustle and bustle of daily life.