Health Tips to Stay Fit While on a Holiday



Health Tips to Stay Fit While on a Holiday

By Woods team

You know the type of holiday you’ve been planning for months; it will be a time to unleash and disconnect. But with all the yummy local delicacies to try, who’s got the time to hit the gym?


All you want is a break from your diet, and from the gym but you don’t want to ruin the health and body you sacrificed so much for, right?

Follow these tips to stay fit while travelling on holiday:

#1. Pack Smart

Pack smart with lightweight and portable equipment like a skipping rope so that you can use these almost anywhere for a quick workout.

#2. Walk everywhere you can

Walking is a free mode of transportation and a great way to explore new places & take pictures. It’ll keep you slim without the excessive stress on your body. So walk as often as possible while on a trip.

#3. Opt for Stairs

Whether in higher-altitude spots or hotels, taking the stairs rather than the escalator is better for you than jogging, cycling or even walking.  It’ll keep your body fat levels down and burn your calories.

#4. Limit Carbs Until the Evening

While you are on holiday, restricting your carbs until the evening ensures you’re only eating around 100-200g of carbs a day.

#5. Create a Routine

A short bodyweight workout routine will perk you up and get you set for a day of touring. It can be done in the warmth of your hotel room and you’ll burn some calories.

Now relax and enjoy the season. Don’t stress too much over working out- explore the place, go on trips, meet the locals, and the steps will simply add up.

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