4 Trekking Spots in Wayanad for the Adventurous Spirit in You



4 Trekking Spots in Wayanad for the Adventurous Spirit in You

By Woods team

Wayanad, as you all know, is a place with limitless options of activities to make all its visitors happy and thrilled.

The Pakshipathalam Trek

Pakshipathalam has a height of 1,740 meters above sea level, making the trekking experience a challenging one. This is the high adventure trekking spot. You will have to walk through the rocks, wild forest, and caves to reach on top.


With spectacularly beautiful surroundings, the hill offers great opportunities for photography.

The Brahmagiri Peak Trek

Trekking to the Brahmagiri Peak will surely leave you enthralled for the beautiful scenic view of its landscape. Make sure you take a camera to capture the beauty of green Brahmagiri Hills. The only peak that is higher than the Brahmagiri summit is that of the Chembra peak and you can see it once you reach the top.


The scenic beauty of Brahmagiri has inspired many artists and novelists to create their masterpieces. This place is a must visit to pump your creative imagination.

Thusharagiri Trek

Thusharagiri is home to an amazing waterfall. As you trek through this region the roar of waterfalls will keep you excited. The location of Thusharagiri is an ideal terrain for those who are looking for a heavy duty trekking experience. The trail takes you through dense trees, waterfalls, gurgling streams etc making your trekking experience more memorable.

The Chembra Peak Trek

Chembra Peak is often chosen by amateur trekkers, as the district forest office keeps a close watch with their guards making the trekking experience a safer one. This is a perfect place to trek as it will take you to the tallest of the Wayanad hills and is at a height of nearly 6,900 feet. Being filled with lush green scenic beauty, your trekking experience here will become your favorite one.

Besides these spots for trekking, Wayanad has various other places for interesting activities like boating, camping, rafting, and cycling for visitors to come back to this splendid place. If you are looking to escape from the clutches of the fast-paced city life, the mesmerizing Wayanad is the best option.