Wayanad – The Ayurvedic Healing Spot in Kerala



Wayanad – The Ayurvedic Healing Spot in Kerala

By Woods team

Same routine work tiring you? Are you looking for a way to unwind? Ok, why not a vacation to Wayanad- the ayurvedic healing spot in Kerala? This is the place where you will feel at home and leave you all relaxed!


You might have already read 5 Things that make Wayanad an amazing holiday destination. Along with these reasons and various adventurous activities for its visitors, Wayanad also offers the best ayurvedic treatment you can find in South India.


Traced back to the Vedic ages, Ayurveda clearly lays out remedies for holistic wellness and good physical health. Massages, herbal medicines, diet control, and exercises are included in the ayurvedic treatment promising to give you a better feel from inside and out.


When it comes to the mind, Ayurveda has proved to be a therapy to calm anxiety, reduce stress and leave you tension-free. It’s a healing method that focuses on the overall balance of mind, body, and soul.

Why Wayanad for Ayurvedic healing?

Nature at its best

Lush green valleys with tall bamboo trees and coffee plantations have been the most attractive aspect of Wayanad. As we all know, greenery is cool to both eyes and mind!

Serene weather condition

With the pristine natural plantations and trees, Wayanad is blessed with soothing and cool weather conditions throughout the year, making ayurvedic treatment a calming experience.

Herbal Medicines and oils

Ayurveda makes use of herbal medicines like ashwagandha, Chandan, and other oils that are widely available in villages of Wayanad. The ingredients used for the healing are locally produced to give you all its benefits.

Rich culture

With tribal people residing in remote areas of Wayanad, the entire place is filled with rich traditions and culture. The authenticity of ancient ayurvedic healing is preserved bypassing new generations.

“The work stress was taking a toll on my mind and body, I was reading profoundly on the benefits of ayurvedic treatment and gave it a try when I was on Vacation in Wayanad. I must say it completely zeroed my pain and stress. The full body massage with herbal oil was one of a kind experience and worth trying!” ~Alexa, Bolivia.


That’s what our visitor got to say about the Ayurvedic Spa! We cannot conclude without mentioning the resorts that provide the most relaxing ayurvedic spa treatment in Wayanad with various packages to best suit your needs.