A Walk Through The Lush Green Farms of Wayanad



A Walk Through The Lush Green Farms of Wayanad

By Woods team

Wayanad is one of the greenest districts of Kerala. With its snowy peaks, gurgling streams and green farms it is an ultimate getaway destination for anyone wishing to take a break. The place hosts many green farms as people largely depend upon farming for their livelihood. Wayanad has a rustic life with tribes and people closely connected with nature. It is one of the reasons why Wayanad never goes out of the greenery. Starting from the woods dotting either side of the hairpin bends that lead to Wayanad, greenery is an extended story in Wayanad. Every resort in Wayanad is centred around this greenery. Some amidst dense woods with languid waterways nearby and few with windows opening to lush green farms.

Plantations in Wayanad

Tea plantations are one of the massive ways of income for the district. It also adds a beautiful aura to the place with the fragrance of tea and coffee floating in the air. Wayanad has impeccably fertile soil which is why more and more people decide upon farming. You can find absolutely ravishing green farms nearly everywhere in Wayanad. The main crops cultivated include pepper, coffee, tapioca etc. 

While staying in Wayanad, you can visit countless tea plantations and farms and take a scroll through the green. It shall rejuvenate your mind and body alike. The sweet fragrance of tea and coffee plantations is enough to give you a newfound sense of pleasure and fulfilment. You can even indulge in picking the coffee beans along with the native labourers which is a pleasurable experience. Nearly all resorts in Wayanad give you an opportunity to experience the ecological diversity of Wayanad. 

The Woods Resort also paves way for such gleaming experiences. It is home to hectares of green fields, organic farming, quiet brooks and languid waterways. You can start your day by waking up to a restorative sunrise fluttering through the dense green farms learning about farming and spending your time fishing by the waterways.  When the hustle and bustle of the city and work catch up with you, Wayanad is the place you should look for. 

Wayanad is home to several exotic spices and species of plants which makes the place rich in biodiversity. You can find unheard varieties of plants in Wayanad. As the place is strictly protected and conserved by ecological laws and activists, the species can grow without fearing man’s interference. Among them is the black pepper which is cultivated in high numbers in Wayanad. The golden spice invited the foreigners due to its flavour and potential for reaping immense wealth. Wayanad is also home to several types of rice varieties which cannot be found in any other parts of the state. One can find up to 50 varieties of paddy in Wayanad well preserved and growing prosperously. Most of the farmlands are owned by people belonging to tribal communities. For them, unlike the mainstream people, cultivating rice and harvesting the same is not a business but rather a chance to acknowledge the bounty of god and extend their gratitude for the same. This is why they pour their heart into it and cultivate it with all its purity and holiness. It is not an economical prospect for them. 

Visit to Wayanad

If you want to learn more about the farming culture of Kerala, you would want to visit Wayanad. Here you can find arecanut, rubber, papaya aligned with coffee, tea and exotic varieties of rice. With the greenery slowly receding across the world, Wayanad is at it to keep it intact for the future generations and for people on the lookout for the same. Even the resorts in Wayanad take utmost care not to topple the ecological balance while construction and operation rather builds the place in a way that it blends in with the green. More than ever, the greenery is under stringent protection in Wayanad so that when people look back at their roots one day, they have somewhere to turn to. The place that receives occasional hailstorms, that boasts of snowy mountain caps, of tribal tranquility and ethnicity, a place of inclusion and progress at once, Wayanad is beyond beautiful. Add it to your travel list and you won’t regret it ever. 

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