Enjoy the Zipline in Wayanad



Enjoy the Zipline in Wayanad

By Woods team

Wayanad is a beautiful hill station in the Indian state of Kerala. It is known for its picturesque landscapes and its proximity to the Arabian Sea. The area is also home to a number of waterfalls and caves. Wayanad is one of the best places to spend your holidays. One of the most popular activities here is the zipline, which allows visitors to experience the thrill of flying over the stunning panoramas and taking in the breathtaking views. It is among the best memories created in Wayanad, offering a thrilling experience for those looking for a new challenge. The zipline in Wayanad is a thrilling experience that allows you to zip through the trees and over the rivers. 

Must Know About Wayanad's Ziplines

In addition to being the longest zipline in Kerala, it is also the second-longest zip line in the entire South Indian sub-continent. This is one of the favourite areas to go ziplining in Wayanad, and it is kept in pristine condition by a team of skilled adventurers. Over the course of its roughly 300-metre length, this line passes through a few of Wayanad's densest forest patches. A ride on the zipline in Pozhtana, Wayanad, is an absolute must during any trip there.

When you're fully harnessed in, the fast zipline will carry you swiftly above verdant farmland and towering trees. The firm in charge of it is very competent in its dealings with consumers and guarantees the highest level of security. Zipline in Wayanad is a fun activity for individuals of all age groups.

Price and Best Time To Visit:

This amazing adventure costs only INR 250/- per person. Since the cost of a zipline in Wayanad is so reasonable, you can afford to try it multiple times while you're there. Ziplining in Wayanad is very popular in the summer. Between the hours of 9 AM and 6 PM, you can ride the zipline. If you want to go ziplining, the best time to do it is in the evening when the sun's glare is less intense. Moreover, it would be an excellent backdrop for pictures. You'll be able to see the place on the map long before you get there. No one should ride the zipline late at night for obvious safety concerns. The weather is also a potential game changer. 

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How to Have a Great Time Ziplining in Wayanad?

Some helpful hints for your Wayanad ziplining adventure:

  • Before you get in the car, make sure you know what the weather's like and whether there are any reviews about zipline in Wayanad.
  • Always put comfort first by using sturdy footwear and well-fitting apparel. It is not a good idea to zipline in shoes that could easily come off your feet, such as flip-flops or sandals.
  • Prior to actually boarding the zip line, don't hesitate to address any and all queries you may have of the responsible person. If it helps, it may be useful to observe a few people who have gone through the process before you.
  • If you're going zip lining, don't take anything of value with you. When zipping through the air, losing your grip on an item could mean losing track of it forever.
  • Under no circumstances should a child under the age of five ride the zipline.
  • Use a mounted camera on a long pole if you want to document your ziplining adventure. They weigh next to nothing and strap right onto your wrist.
  • Before you climb on and have yourself harnessed, make sure to let the instructor know if you suffer from a phobia of altitudes or any other health problems.

Wayanad's Ziplining Spotlights: 

  • Don't bother with taking pictures or trying to perfect your selfie because the zipline will be moving far faster than you anticipate.
  • Only four kilometres separate you from Wayanad's bustling capital.
  • You shouldn't feel like you have to hold on the entire time if this is your first time ziplining. You'll be strapped into a supportive saddle, and it's best to have a firm grip on the rope to keep it from flipping or swinging.
  • Don't go ziplining if there's a chance of getting wet, and stay indoors if the wind is blowing hard.
  • A sturdy helmet will protect your noggin from falling debris, mittens will save your hands from getting scratched, and a harness will keep you from falling.

Winding Up:

Ziplining in Wayanad is a thrilling adventure that allows people of all ages to enjoy this activity. You can take a break from city life by zipping over mountains, forests and lush green fields in Wayanad. Zipping through the air over trees and rolling along towards the water body makes for an unforgettable experience that will leave you feeling like a superhero! To ensure safety, it is advisable that children under five should not ride this kind of zip line because they might feel scared.

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