Essential Tips for People Who Love Monsoon Travel



Essential Tips for People Who Love Monsoon Travel

By Woods team

The summer season is the best time to travel outdoors and spend your vacation in pristine beaches and luxury resorts, spend a relaxing weekend in resorts in Wayanad, go hiking, or just road tripping. On the contrary, rainy days can be a bummer, especially for travel junkies. However, the season should not hinder you from going places. In fact, you can still enjoy travelling and going out of town even during the rainy season.


How can you do that? Here are some tips for people who plan on travelling this coming monsoon season:

Beaches are out, hot springs / Jacuzzis / indoor pools are in

Unless you want to go surfing, the beach is the best way to go during monsoon season, as the seas can bring about bigger waves (just be careful with the waves, though).

However, if you are just looking for a relaxing dip in Wayanad nature resorts or elsewhere, why not try hot springs (if there is one in your area) or an indoor pool or Jacuzzis? The luxuriously warm water will surely make your rainy day vacation with your family and friends worthwhile.

Try exploring museums or cafes in your area

This is also an alternative way to enjoy the rainy monsoons. Instead of getting wet outdoors, you can choose to stay dry while sipping on a hot latte and eating cakes in a warm ambient setting. If you are interested in antiques or anything historical, you can check out your local museums for extra food for the brain.

Bring board games and books for your enjoyment

You’re in a hotel, and suddenly this heavy downpour ruins your outdoor plans. Next time you travel during uncertain weather conditions, bring board games (if you are with friends) or a book (if you travel alone) so you won’t have to stare through the window and hope the rain will finally stop.

Don’t forget your rainy day essentials

Make sure you have your rain-proof footwear and other rainy day gear so you won’t get soaked in the monsoon rains as you travel outdoors. Also, make sure your gadgets are stored in waterproof bags so they won’t get wet.

Bring insect repellents

Just in case you are in a mosquito-prone area, it is best to have an insect repellant in hand. Wear long clothes to prevent mosquito bites as well.

Keep safe especially when you’re driving

Roads get slippery during monsoon, so make sure you keep safe while on the road. Take it slow; you will get to your destination eventually.

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