Experience Divine Tranquillity: Must-Visit Temples in Wayanad



Experience Divine Tranquillity: Must-Visit Temples in Wayanad

By Woods team

Wayanad is a stunning location with a wealth of things to do and see. It is renowned for its ceramics, woodlands, and caverns. Wayanad is the ideal destination for nature enthusiasts to unwind amidst the verdant woods, see some stunning wildlife, and get close to the natural world. Wayanad's woods offer an unparalleled walking experience, and visitors frequently go there and reconnect with the natural world. 

Want to have a holy vacation in Wayanad? Wayanad also has a number of stunning temples that are well worth seeing for its architecture, spiritual value, and history. Let's look at some of the must-visit temples in Wayanad. Check it out!

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1. Thrissilery Shiva Temple

The temple, which was constructed along the Mananthavady-Mysore Highway, is noted for housing Lord Shiva as its primary deity. This temple is located around 19 miles away from Thirunelli. It is sometimes conjectured that Lord Parashurama, the sixth avatar of Lord Vishnu, originally built the temple, which has a minor shrine dedicated to Goddess Jala Durga. Because it is a Shiva Temple, Maha Shivarathri is blessedly observed from February to March. The temple is a visual treat since it is covered in captivating vegetation. The journey is sure to be remembered because of the serene atmosphere you'll discover here.

2. Seetha Devi Temple

One of the most well-known temples in Wayanad is Seetha Devi Temple is located on Sulthan Bathery-Mysore road near the banks of the Ponkuzhi River. This location's original name was Sisumala, which was later altered to Sasimala. Lava and Kusha, the offspring of Lord Ram and Seetha Devi, are honoured at this shrine. Many people think that this is where Sita gave birth to Lava and Kusha and spent her exile. The grass bed that Lava used to play on as a child is thought to have some connection to the name Pulpally. Here, Sita is revered as Jadayatha Amma.

3. Anantnath Swami Temple

Anantnath Swami Temple, also known as the Puliyarmala Jain Temple Wayanad, is a significant architectural example of Jain history and is situated in Kalpetta, the hilly district of Wayanad. The temple is surrounded by beautiful gardens, which elevates the location as a top tourist destination. The 14th Jain Tirthankara, Lord Anantha Natha, is worshipped at the Dravidian-style temple. The temple is a true masterpiece of fine craftsmanship, with beautifully carved towering pillars, pyramid-shaped sculptured panels, and a figure of Lord Mahavir.

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4. Valliyoorkavu Temple

The Valliyoorkavu Bhagavathi Temple honours the goddess Bhagavathi and is located in the tribal region of Wayanad, 3 kilometres from the village of Mananthavady. An annual celebration is held at the temple throughout the month of March. Locals perform traditional and tribal forms of art like Kalamezhuthu throughout this event. There are also tribal dances done to music created using local instruments and drums.

5. Ganapathi Vattam Temple

One of the oldest temples to have ever existed in Wayanad history, Ganapathi Temple is a spiritual refuge dedicated to Lord Ganesh, and its beginnings can be traced back eight centuries. The location, which lies in the centre of the old Sultan Bathery Town, is a haven for lovers of history. After Tipu Sultan conquered the area, the temple's bricks were eventually used to construct a fort, which earned the town the fictitious name "Sultan Bathery Town." 

6. Pazhur Vishnu Temple

The Pazhur Vishnu Temple in Wayanad is one of the must-see temples and is located 87 kilometres from the hill resort. This temple, which is devoted to Lord Vishnu, also houses the gods Bhagawathy, Ganapathy, Dakshinamoorthy, Ayyappan, Gulikan, and Rakshas. Even though she is a sub-deity, Bhagawathy is revered in this place in the same way that Lord Vishnu is. The regional annual festival takes place between the 24th and 25th of Kumbam. Each year, thousands of people come to this celebration.

7. Thirunelli Temple

Wayanad's Thirunelli Temple, a respected pilgrimage site, is a key destination for spiritual tourism. It stands as a stunning illustration of holiness and spirituality and is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The image of Lord Vishnu in this temple, which is revered as the "Kashi of the South," was erected by Lord Brahma himself, giving it a fascinating origin tale. The temple's picturesque surroundings, which include the beautiful Brahmagiri Hills, enhance its meditative atmosphere. Papanasini, a mystical mountain stream revered for its alleged therapeutic qualities, draws pilgrims. Ancient rites are performed here, lending the area a feeling of spiritual purity. The spiritual significance of the location is enhanced by the presence of the venerated Pinnappara rock within the temple complex.

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8. Devgardha Temple

Devgardha Temple, which is 19 km from Wayanad, was previously the location of a holy banyan tree. Tribes formerly paid homage to this tree. People who relocated to the Kappiset area erected this temple. A well-known myth holds that this temple was constructed as a result of Govindan, a devotee, having a dream about Lord Shiva soon before Shivaratri.

9. Thrikkaipetta Shiva Temple

Thrikkaipetta Shiva Temple, one of the most well-known temples close to Wayanad, is situated 13 kilometres distant. In addition to Lord Ganesh, Lord Ayyappan, and Lord Nagam, this temple is devoted to Lord Shiva. During the Maha Shivarathri festival, many devotees visit this location.


Wayanad has a rich cultural past as well as spiritual importance in addition to its natural beauty. The above listed must-visit temples in Wayanad are not only amazing, but they also have significant religious and historical value. Make sure you stay at The Woods Resorts if you intend to travel to Wayanad to visit temples and scenic surroundings. We provide unrivalled accommodation that will make your days unforgettable forever. We offer you a tranquil environment created especially to help you decompress from your hectic schedule. You will be reminded of living in harmony with nature on every square inch of this spacious plot. Plan a trip to Wayanad to appreciate the bounties from God and experience the satisfaction of living in a pristine environment. Following your exploration of Wayanad's captivating temples, The Woods Resorts is the ideal spot to unwind and recharge.