How To Make More Space While Backpacking For Travel?



How To Make More Space While Backpacking For Travel?

By Woods team

Packing is the most tedious part of every travel. Many loathe it for the reason that even after careful arrangements many items would be left out. Else, it would need an additional bag for those items.

Seldom you have thought that the issue is with the improper packing! You can make more space while backing by following some simple steps. Yes, packing all the essential items efficiently is not rocket science. 

1.      Be Clear about “What You Need?”

Avoid packing all the things that you were using at home. You are going to be away from home for a few days. To enjoy the world, to imbibe beauty, and to create great memories. Your focus must be on relishing the beauty. Pack only the compulsory requirements like clothing, including undergarments and socks, medicines (if you are consuming those under the prescription), and other such essential items only. People tend to pack some items presuming they may come in use. You can buy those items from shops at the destination, just in case the requirement arises.

2.     Shoes or Sandals?

Shoes would consume more space in the backpack. You don’t have to take shoes if it is not that necessary. Some may want both shoes and sandals during the trip. Never commit the mistake of wearing the sandals and packing the shoes. Do it vice versa; wear the shoes and pack the sandals. It would help save space in the backpack.

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3.     Use Vacuum Sealing Bags

This is very much useful, especially if you are packing winter clothing. Vacuum sealed bags will reduce the size of the packing phenomenally. Thereby providing more space for other items.

4.     Optimal Usage of Every Corner

Never leave any corner vacant. You must plan the packing to explore optimal usage of every nook and corner of the backpack. Watch some YouTube videos describing the right way of folding clothes and packing other items. In case, you don’t have the exact idea about the right way of packing.

5.     Give Electronic Items Some Extra Cushion

Don’t put the electronic items like the Camera and charger in the side pockets or front rows of the bag. It might get damaged during the journey. With individuals stepping on the bag or due to careless handling. Keep the electronic gadgets and fragile items in between the clothing. The extra cushion would offer better safety for those. Note that, you shouldn’t forget the position of the items. Otherwise, you may accidentally drop the gadgets while emptying the bag or taking out cloth.

6.     Wear the Heaviest Clothing

This tip may not be useful at times. However, wear the heaviest of the clothing if possible. This would offer you more room in the backpack. Contemplate whether this tip is feasible or not and decide accordingly. Another aspect related to this point is to pack the heaviest of the items first.  

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7.     Fill the Vacant Corners with Socks and Undergarments

Instead of using separate spaces for small items like undergarments and socks, use the corner spaces and narrow gaps. It would act as fillers and help you utilize the space to the maximum.

8.     Rolling of Clothes is Better than Folding

Rolling of clothes will help save space more than folding. At the same time, it is not advisable to roll all types of clothes. Some types of garments would fit in better if folded properly. Plan the packing and roll or fold the dress accordingly.

9.     Too Many Dresses are Not Required

Rather than taking too many pairs of dresses, you can pick four or five pairs. This would suffice for a four to five-day trip. The pairs can be mixed to appear different. Don’t worry you can purchase exclusive dressings, which might be specific to the region, from your destination. The dress you buy from the travel destination would keep reminding you of the wonderful trip for the years to come.

10.    Shake and Fill

This is the last solution. Try this, if you find space constraints even after following all the above-mentioned steps. The shaking and pressing would compress the items downwards, providing some more space for extra items.

The Brief

Every journey is ultimately the exploration of the inner self. The travel to unknown lands, interactions with strangers, the introduction to novel customs and cultures, and views of the uniqueness of another region would make you a new person. Your focus should be to feed your soul with unforgettable moments.

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