Staycation Benefits of Resorts in Wayanad, Kerala



Staycation Benefits of Resorts in Wayanad, Kerala

By Woods team

Staycation, per se, is not a new concept. The popularity reached another level with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. People were forced to remain indoors and companies switched to work from home, as much as possible. It is a pleasant and de-stressing concept that saves people from a monotonous rhythm of life.

Selection of the resort is crucial in the case of staycation. The atmosphere in the resort must be productive, serene, and enjoyable. Making your moments count, you can savor the stay to the optimum.

Benefits of Choosing Resorts in Wayanad, Kerala for Staycation

Eco-friendly resorts located at the lap of nature will reveal a new world to you. Reinventing oneself in the calm and positive atmosphere, travelers return from Wayanad with an elevated spirit and optimistic attitude.

Cheaper Option than Most of the Other Tourist Locations

You don’t have to spend as much like many other exotic locations when you choose resorts in Wayanad, Kerala for a staycation. Resorts like The Woods that blend in with the jungle, at the same time, offering modern amenities will be a preferable choice for a staycation. Wake up to the chimes of birds, engage in activities arranged for the guests, cycle through the specially designed trails inhaling the blissful aroma and make the most out of your stay.

Exhaustive Preparation Not Necessary 

Imagine the numerous formalities and preparations involved when you go on vacation to tourist locations. No such detailed preparation is necessary when you opt for resorts in Wayanad.  Book a cottage, pack your bags, and arrive at the resort. Don’t worry even if you missed out on something. You can buy those items at affordable rates from the main city. Freshen up in the room and relax amidst the greenery.

Environment-friendly Resorts 

This is one of the unique specialties of Wayanad Resort, which most of the other tourist spots cannot claim. The resorts, especially The Woods, are constructed observing utmost care to prevent any harm to the biosphere. The construction is in such a way that the resort gels with the biodiversity impeccably well. The staycation in resorts at Wayanad, Kerala will be a blessing to cleanse your mind of stress and soothe your soul.

Fall in Love with Wayanad 

Blessed with pristine surroundings, you will fall in love with Wayanad. The soul of the place will permeate into your heart and will pull you to return to this place even after you go back to your busy life. Hurry burry is the identity of most of the tourist places you visit. On the other hand, Wayanad is a tranquil destination that instills blissfulness in your heart.

Supporting the Local and Tribal Populace

You will be supporting the local and tribal population when you select Wayanad for a staycation. They will receive a good percentage of the money you spend in the place. Moreover, the resorts procure agricultural products and unique crafts produced by them. By fortifying the local economy, you are extending a great favor unknowingly.

How to Enjoy Your Staycation in Wayanad?

Staycation at resorts in Wayanad is the way to revitalize yourself and reinvent your strengths and capabilities. You can utilize every minute towards exploring novel things and indulging in activities offered by the resort.

  • Relax – Spend some time to relax and wind down

  • Reading – Reading a good book would entertain you and would nourish your brain. Use the balcony facing the forest and indulge in reading.

  • Keep Away from Social Media – Avoid using mobile phones unless it is extremely essential. Social media is one of the main sources of unrest and stress.

  • Visit the Spa – Visit the spa in the resort and get your body reenergized. It will loosen the stressed muscles and enhance blood circulation.

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  • Cycle to the Wild – The Woods offers bicycles for the guests to pedal to the greens and enjoy the beauty around. Go cycling along with your spouse and kids.

  • Games – Get into indoor or outdoor activities in Wayanad like archery. Check out your skills, and play for entertainment.

  • Campfire – Singing, reminiscing the pleasant past, and dancing around a campfire would be other activities that will exalt your spirits.

  • Go out – Visit various places and tourist spots. Ask the resort in Wayanad to arrange a visit to tribal villages, spice garden tours, and other activities.

  • Staycation in The Woods

    We have exclusively arranged activities to make your staycation fulfilling. Reach out to us to schedule your trip to Wayanad and book a cottage of your choice. We have a range of cottages, viz. Rosewood, Teak, Oak, Cedar, and Ebony are designed to extend a relaxing and enjoyable experience to our guests. We offer the best experience that will harden you. We promise you that the moments you spend in our resort in Wayanad will be some of the most precious ones in your life.

    Contact The Woods to book a cottage now.