How To Utilize Your Stay in Resort



How To Utilize Your Stay in Resort

By Woods team

The struggle is real. After a hectic work week, it is very important to unwind from the 9 to 5 madness of the city. The best idea is to nestle the weekends in resorts to unwind and rejuvenate your mind and soul.

When you are all set for this weekend getaway to the best resorts, how do you make the most out of the resort stay? What are the things to keep in mind to get the experience for what you are paying for?

So before you head off for that week of doing nothing or “vacation mode” in particular, consider these tips for turning the standard resort regimen into an extraordinary experience.

Choose Your Priorities

Before finalizing a resort stay for weeks or even a short period of time, make a list of your priorities. What is the most important factor for you in this vacation? What is your ideal vacation? And what exactly do you want to experience?

If you are looking forward to jungle safari, plantation visits or beach stay….write it down. If you opt to have peace of mind and relaxation, compare the resorts and find out what can give you the ultimate relaxed and hassle-free resort stay. Being aware of your preferences prior to booking and ahead of time will help you choose the best travel experience, giving you a pleasant stay! (Without last-minute surprises and hassles)

Research and do your homework

Now figuring out your priorities, it’s time to do your homework on what’s offered or included during your stay. Compare the prices online and call to check for discount rates.

In general, all-inclusive covers room rates, all meals, drinks (both non-alcoholic and usually alcoholic as well), in-room entertainment, water sports and social activities. Every resort is different however, so what may be included at one, won’t necessarily be the same as another. Try and find out a few travel hacks to make the stay a smart and smooth experience to remember for a lifetime.

Sign up for activities

Every resort offers a variety of activities suited to the interests of their guests, so, in other words, there’s something for everyone. Check with your front desk, for the activities nearby. For places like Wayanad, camping, cycling, fishing, jeep safari, trekking and camping can easily be included along with your stay. Even if your ideal vacation is about doing nothing and enjoying a sip of coffee along the poolside, at some point you will want to go out and move around.

Meditation, yoga and private cooking class are also offered at many resorts if you need to try something different. If you are a person who is interested to try and cook new cuisines, don’t hesitate to ask the front desk if the resort stay provides a private cooking class. It would be fun to experience the tribal food culture if you are residing in a jungle resort. Choose something that highly interests you which is something you will not be doing every day in order to make your resort stay a unique experience.

Collect Souvenirs

Admit it! Who doesn’t pack in those mini-size shampoo, conditioners and lotions? You can display these resort themed toiletries back in your home toilet. What you don’t want to pack in though are the bathrobes or towels. That’s just a no-no! As you will be charged for them. A collection of hotel room keys or cards might seem like a cool memento. It is always a good idea to make sure that you’ve handled this just before checking out of the hotel.

Also, request a little romance. If it is the honeymoon, most of the resorts do a little extra effort like decorating the room with flowers. Enjoy your dessert on the balcony of your room with candles lit up to add that extra vibe to your vacation. If it is a family outing, ask for indoor kid’s activities like board games to keep them entertained.

It is also important to be security conscious. You can never be too security conscious, even if you’re staying in a five-star establishment. We often take it for granted that once we’re in our hotel or resort room we’re safe. It’s our very own personal space and a simple Do Not Disturb sign is all that’s needed to keep the rest of the world out.