A Guide to River Rafting in Wayanad



A Guide to River Rafting in Wayanad

By Woods team

Envision the plunge into Wayand, its raging waters unchecked and wild that every turn brings forth another wave of adrenaline rush. This is the core of river rafting in Kerala. Located in the verdant Western Ghats, Wayanad is not only a sanctuary for nature lovers but also one of the most popular sites close to river rafting. It has breathtaking scenery and treacherous rapids as well, where you can be highly adventurous. Whether you're a thrill-seeker or a nature enthusiast, this guide is your gateway to the ultimate river rafting in Wayanad. You'll find all the information about white water rafting you might need, even if only to see what it is like, regardless of experience. Come along with us as we explore the basics of river rafting in Wayanad, one of its most beautiful settings.

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Why Choose Wayanad for River Rafting?

Wayanad is a nature's masterpiece located in Kerala. The region has mist-covered mountains laden with thick vegetation of green forests complemented by clear and turbulent rivers, making it a great source for river rafting. Wayanad's distinctive physical landscape, characterised by rolling hills and diverse ecosystems of plants and animals, is more than a picturesque vista – it presents an enveloping experience where every turn in the river illuminates another tale.

The diversity of rafting activities in Wayanad is worth mentioning. The rivers range from gentle currents suitable for beginners to rapids that challenge even the most experienced river rafter. These rivers wind through undeveloped forests and past primitive tribes, sometimes giving a peek into the world that never changed.

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Exploring Kuruva Island

Spanning in nature's 950 acres, this Island stands as a remarkable destination for tourists in Wayanad. This extensive river delta is home to three primary islands, all richly covered in dense forests. Additionally, several smaller, sometimes submerged islands dot the area, adding to its unique charm. These islands grace the tributaries of the Kabini River, enhancing the scenic beauty of the locale.

Often referred to as Kuruvadweep Island, this destination is a protected natural habitat teeming with diverse rivers and streams. Kerala Tourism Department offers fiber boats or rafts for exploration of these water bodies, offering a tranquil experience.

A notable feature of the Kuruva Islands is their wildlife, including a significant population of elephants. Visitors are required to secure a pass from the Forest Department to ensure a safe and regulated interaction with the natural environment. The prime season for river rafting in Wayanad, particularly around these islands, is from mid-December to late April. Due to the monsoon season, the island remains closed from May until early December, a period marked by heavy rainfall.

Rafting trips in this region can vary in duration, typically ranging from one to two hours, tailored to your preferences. The journey takes you through numerous streams and tributaries, offering a diverse and engaging experience. Life jackets are provided for safety. While floating on the quiet waters, you are depicted by green forest and bird songs that make a captivating experience.

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River Rafting Adventures on the Pozhuthana River in Wayanad

Nestled near Vythiri lies the quaint Pozhuthana Village, through which the serene Pozhuthana River flows. This green-covered village is an ideal place to spend a perfect day trip. People may make a family trip or an excursion with friends to the village, which is picturesque and beautiful valleys full of green grass and wildflowers as well as that life-giver streams flow there.

Upon first glance, visitors often perceive the Pozhuthana River as a tranquil lake due to its slow-flowing waters, further calmed by a check dam. Eventually, this gentle river merges with the larger Kabini River. Its calm nature makes it a preferred spot for rafting, especially for groups including children or older members, offering a safer alternative to the more adventurous Kuruva Islands.

Rafting here is conducted on bamboo rafts, accommodating up to five individuals at a time. Safety is a priority, with life jackets being a mandatory requirement before setting off. Although the river has deep sections, the presence of the villagers ensures a secure rafting experience. The rafts, provided by the local gram panchayat at reasonable prices, are also available through various agencies.

The experience of river rafting on the Pozhuthana River in Wayanad is uniquely exhilarating. In certain areas, the river is so shallow that the riverbed is visible, and the water clarity is remarkable, inviting tourists to not only observe but also to indulge in its purity, perhaps even drinking from it. Many visitors enjoy wading and playing in these shallow, crystal-clear waters, adding a playful dimension to their rafting adventure.

Tips for First-Time Rafters

Embarking on your first river rafting adventure can be thrilling, but it's crucial to grasp some basic techniques and know what to expect. 

  • For starters, familiarise yourself with fundamental paddling techniques. Equally important is learning how to handle the raft, particularly how to lean into the rapids and synchronise your paddling with others in the raft. Coordination is key to maintaining stability and direction. Don't worry about getting it perfect; rafting is a team effort, and it's about learning as you go.
  • Listening to your guides is crucial. They are experienced, know the river well, and are trained to keep you safe. They will provide instructions on when to paddle and when to stop, how to sit properly in the raft, and what to do if you fall out. Paying close attention to their guidance and safety talks before you start is essential.
  • Set realistic expectations. Rafting is an exciting as well as difficult activity. There will be quiet moments where you can sit back and enjoy the surrounding nature as well, just when your new skills of paddling have been put to a test by some killer rapids. This is a physical activity; occasional water splashes and moments of excitement are also part of it.


Wayanad rafting is an adventure as well as a journey into the very heart of nature. Time spent gliding in Pozhuthana River or exploring Kuruva Island's greenery is a combination of excitement and peace every second. For those interested in extending their visit to this lovely destination, The Woods Resorts provides the ideal hideaway. In the midst of all this natural beauty, the resort serves as a comfortable and deluxe place to discover what Wayanad has in store for its visitors. On a day of exhilarating rafting, The Woods Resorts becomes that perfect place to just let go and be revived as one reflects on the events of the days ahead amidst lush greenery at Wayanad.