Top Benefits of Ayurvedic Spa



Top Benefits of Ayurvedic Spa

By Woods team

What exactly is Ayurveda?


“Because we cannot scrub our inner body, we need to learn a few skills to help cleanse our tissues, organs, and mind.This is the art of Ayurveda”~ Sebastian Pole


Ayurveda is the traditional medical practice of India, which eases the body, mind, and soul. It is a method to purify the inner self, with natural medicines which have no side effects.


Ayurvedic spa treatment rejuvenates the physical and emotional well-being of a person who is undergoing the treatment. It is a way to let your body breathe completely. Ayurveda, unlike other medicinal treatment, doesn’t force things to go your way. Ayurveda is an easy-on-body type of approach. Just like nature lets the flowers blossom by itself, Ayurveda allows gradual relaxation without exerting any pressure on the body.


Benefits of Ayurvedic spa treatment go far beyond the beauty and relaxation. It de-stress mind, the body as well as spirit. Ayurvedic spa treatment promotes overall wellness, purifies and restores the optimal balance of the body.


Let’s dive into the most talked about benefits of Ayurvedic treatment:

  • It provides nourishment to the body.

  • Improves body flexibility.

  • Reduce fatigue and stress.

  • Increase energy flow of the body.

  • Improves the skin texture.

  • Reduces the aging process, known as ‘Jara’ in Ayurveda.

  • Creates and increases spiritual awareness.

  • Increase blood flow.

  • Enhance the functioning of sense organs as well as the other vital organs.

  • Beautifies, softens and hydrates the skin.

  • It helps to prevent ailments related to central nervous system (referred to as vata)

  • Promote a person's ‘ayus’ longevity.


If you are interested to get an Ayurvedic Spa done, it is always good to familiarise a few of its common types like these,


In this type of treatment, hot oil is poured over the body from a special kind of vessel called a Kindi. A masseuse performs the massage with this hot oil to treat stiffness in the body, fractures, paralysis, paraplegia, monoplegia, and hemiplegia.


Just imagine a nice massage with hot oil on your head. Heavenly! This type of head massage stimulates the nerves in the scalp by hot herbal oil. It helps to relieve mental stress, enhances concentration and clarity. It also reduces a headache.


This type of Ayurvedic treatment is one of the most luxuriously relaxing full-body warm oil massages. If you are looking for a way to rev up your body and mind, gearing them up for top performance, then this massage is the right one for you. This treatment enhances stamina throughout the day, increases blood circulation and also gives you a sufficient amount of sound sleep a night. Tempted to get one treatment already?


People opt for ayurvedic treatment as it uses herbs and other natural medicine which cleanses the body from inside. Moreover, there are no side effects at all!

If you are planning to get a weekend getaway in Kerala to relax your mind, give Ayurvedic Spa a try! Grab your best friend along to enjoy it more!