Interesting Facts About Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary, Wayanad



Interesting Facts About Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary, Wayanad

By Woods team

Wayanad is one of Kerala's most renowned tourist spots. The main reason why it is a crowd favorite is because the place caters to every kind of traveler and all kinds of moods. Wayanad is the best place for anyone who wants to experience the tranquility and serenity that nature can offer. And if you are someone who is looking for an aviary, you have come to the right place. Wayanad is home to a large variety of birds, and you can please the bird watcher in you with different species and colors of birds at the Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary. In this blog, we will have a walkthrough of a little heaven on earth. 

The beauty of the place is in its height. Pakshipathalam bird sanctuary in Wayanad is situated at a height of 1740 metres. This height gives you the best opportunity to trek and make your way to the sanctuary. And trekking is the only option if you want to appease the birdwatcher in you. It is idyllically located on the Brahmagiri hills and is the proud home of many birds, including some extremely rare species.

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The trek to Pakshipathalam bird sanctuary is to every adventurer's liking. The trek is nearly 7 kilometers long and provides a great experience in the Western Ghats wilderness. The track is nature's bliss, with lots of trees and shrubs, and you can also see big boulders on the way. Pakshipathalam is home to the Edible Nest Swift. This particular bird uses its own saliva and then waits for it to solidify before making its beautiful nest. 

Once in the bird sanctuary, any ornithologist will have his or her paradise. There are flocks of birds chirping their hearts out, adding to the relaxing experience. If you are someone who has no clue about birds, you can easily hire a tribal guide who knows the place by heart. They will help you find and locate the rarest and most common species of birds, making it an enriching experience. Not just for the birds, the sanctuary is also home to wild and medicinal plants and trees. It is also a great place to see a wide variety of flora and fauna. Make sure to carry enough equipment so that you will not miss any birds. You can also plan an overnight camping trip, but make sure you have the assistance of a tour guide before you set your heart on it. When you move towards the boundary of the sanctuary, you can also see a watchtower and temple. The watchtower gives you the most exquisite view of the greenery and sanctity of Wayanad. 

Hiring a tour guide for your trek to the Pakshipathalam bird sanctuary is the best investment you can make. A tour guide will help you make your trek memorable, as they might know all the nooks and crannies of the trek for good pictures and also have good insight on any rare plant or flower that you see on the way. 

The sight of gushing waterfalls is yet another high point of the trek. Unlittered water bodies and their crashing on the rocks are a treat to the eyes and mind. Swimming in the safe zone of the water is an unforgettable experience. It also gives an added sense of security and will ensure that you stick to the expected route of the trek. 

The guides can also show you deep stone caves, which stand mighty amidst the enthralling beauty of the forests. These rocks date back to ancient history and to the period of the Ramayana. 

The king of birds, or Garuda, and the Hindu god Lord Vishnu are said to be the protectors of Pakshipathalam and look after the birds that live there. This touch of myth indeed adds a different texture to the trip to Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary.  

The best time to visit:

The Wayanad and Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary is at its best during the winter season, i.e., from October to January. It is ideal for trekking, as there will be no issue of scorching heat and the nature will be beautiful enough to be witnessed. It is advisable not to plan your travel during the monsoon season, as it will not be quite ideal with slippery rocks and so on. Bird watching is also difficult during the rainy season.


It is home to a wide variety of medicinal plants and herbs, as well as long and tall trees. You can also grow wild orchids, which apparently don’t thrive in any other environment. Wild flowers have a beauty that captures the mind and soul. When it comes to fauna, the stone caves are home to bats and rare species of birds. The forest is also home to elephants, monkeys, the Great Malabar squirrel, civets, tigers, and so on. The watchtower is a good choice for seeing flora and fauna and for the scenic beauty. 

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How to reach

By air: The nearest airport to Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary is Karipur Airport. It is approximately 88.6 kilometers from Pakshipathalam. 

By road: The road trip can be a good drive, and there is no proper road to reach Pakshipathalam; one has to trek for around 7 km to reach the destination.

By train: Kozhikode Railway Station is the closest railway station and is located 106 km away from Pakshipathalam. 

Entry Fee and Timings

The Indian tourists need to pay Rs. 50 per head as the fee, and the foreign tourists need to pay Rs. 200 per head.  If you hire a forest guide, you must pay an additional fee of approximately Rs 250.

The sanctuary will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.


There are plenty of resorts in Wayanad that you can book for your stay. If you are going during the season. Make sure you pre-book your stay. 

A visit to the Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary in Wayanad has to be on your list when you plan your visit to Wayanad. It is an out of the world experience, and you are sure to make the most of it.