Things To Do While Wayanad Monsoon Trip



Things To Do While Wayanad Monsoon Trip

By Woods team

The monsoons have arrived! The rains are pouring down incessantly and almost everyone is huddled up at home waiting for the rain gods to show us some respite, so we can get on with our chores.  But for avid travelers and adventure seekers, the monsoon is the most exciting season of the year and… Wayanad is the place to go!


After the hot summers, the monsoon showers bring to life the flora and fauna of the region making it look straight out of a fairytale. The verdant fields, valleys and magnificent waterfalls tumbling down boulders never fail to attract adventurers and travellers like you!

But what can you do on a trip to Wayanad during the monsoons, you ask?

The monsoon is the best time to rev up your bikes and go out on a biking trip with your friends. A weekend getaway to Wayanad, up the hairpin curves, through meandering roads and lush green valleys with the rain pouring down! Sounds like your kind of road trip?


Short treks are perfect for nature lovers and thrill seekers. Meenmutty waterfalls is a great option if hiking through the jungle trail is on your mind!  There are many viewpoints on the way up but the view from atop the falls is best. The roaring waterfall, pounding down on the rocks while the trees and plants sway to the music. The experience will remain etched in your memory forever!  

It is believed that animals and birds emerge out to enjoy the monsoon showers, as well. What more can a wildlife enthusiast ask for? This is the best time to visit the Muthanga wildlife sanctuary. Fresh forest breeze and the smell of damp mud, glimpses of a wide variety of birds and animals as they move around through the jungle. Witness nature at its best!


The monsoon is also considered as the season of rejuvenation in Kerala. For those of you who are looking for a quiet vacation and some quality time at the spa, Wayanad is for you. Authentic Ayurvedic treatments and therapies are carried out during this month as the body is said to be highly receptive to medication and healing remedies during this month.

Where to stay?

Whether you’re looking for an adventure or a laid-back vacation, I’d highly recommend The Woods Resort, Wayanad. The place is fully equipped and the staff readily cater to all your needs.  Visit The Woods Resort website for more information.