Top 5 Historical Places You Must Visit In Wayanad



Top 5 Historical Places You Must Visit In Wayanad

By Woods team

Do you want to learn about Wayanad's history throughout the centuries? You can learn about Wayanad's glorious past by visiting time-honoured buildings, monuments, palaces, and temples. These historical sights and museums will take you on a journey through Wayanad's illustrious past.

If you want to learn more about Wayanad's history, we recommend going on a guided tour that covers all of the significant historical sites. For a fantastic journey, make sure to go over the entire list of historical places in Wayanad.

Let us learn about Wayanad's past by visiting these these historical places in Wayanad, which consist of important historical sites, monuments, and landmarks:

Edakkal Caves

Ambukutty Mala is home to the Edakkal Caves. It's a prehistoric rock shelter built by a unique  arrangement of three massive boulders, one of which rests on top of the other two, its bottom protruding out in between and serving as the roof. Edakkal literally translates as "a stone in the middle."

F. Fawcett, the then-superintendent of police, discovered the cave and identified it as an ancient monument entirely by chance. Fawcett, a pre-history enthusiast, set out to explore the Wayanad high mountains, which led to the discovery of the Edakkal rock-shelter in 1894. Based on the nature of the depictions on the cave walls, which appeared to him to be carvings created of neolithic celts, he identified the site as a neolithic people's habitat.

Among the vast prehistoric visual archives of paintings and graphic messages found all across the world, the Edakkal rock carvings stand out. It is the world's most comprehensive pictographic gallery.

Sultan Bathery Jain Temple

The Bathery Jain temple, located in Sulthan Bathery, is Kerala's most prominent Jain shrine This temple, which is said to have been built in the 13th century, has a unique architectural style. This pilgrim centre's architectural design is heavily influenced by the historic Vijayanagar Dynasty. Although it had housed a well-known Jain temple, it was eventually converted into a commercial trading area. Interestingly, during Tipu Sultan's invasion of Kerala, this temple served as a battery or ammo stockpile for his soldiers Because Tipu Sultan used the settlement's temple as a battery, it was given the name Sulthan Bathery.

This Jain temple is known for its beautiful architecture and sculptures, which are made up of massive granite pillars with intricate carvings.

Thirunelli Temple

Thirunelli Temple is one of the famous historical places in Wayanad. Thirunelli Temple Wayanad, located at the foot of the Brahmagiri hills, is noted for its lovely and delightful aesthetics. Thirunelli Wayanad, dedicated to Lord Maha Vishnu, is surrounded by lush flora and high heels, adding to its quaint and picturesque theme.

He observed an idol lying on a Gooseberry tree as he descended near the location. Brahma erected the image on the Brahmagiri hills after recognising it as Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu agreed to Brahma's request with the promise that the stream surrounding the temple will wash away all sins, resulting in the birth of the famed Gooseberry and the name Thirunelli.

Pazhassi Memorial

Pazhassi Memorial is named after king Pazhassi Raja. He is thought to be one of the country's early liberation fighters. As a result, he was affectionately known as the Lion King of Kerala. Initially, a tomb was built in the same site where his remains had been interred centuries before. It can be found on the Kabini  River, to be precise. Years later, in 1996, the public was invited to visit a museum. Pazhassi Memorial was the name given to it. It quickly became a popular destination for students and historians.

Because the museum is run by the state, it also contains information about Kerala's rich culture. The sword of Paazhassi Raja is on exhibit at the memorial for history buffs. It is constructed in such a way that you will notice a diversity of gardens all around you. The memorial is located in the town of Mananthavady, 30 kilometres from Wayanad. 

Jain Temple at Panamaram

These ruins of Jain temples can be seen 5 kilometres north of Panamaram. Kannada-speaking Jains were among the first to arrive in Wayanad. These people first arrived on the banks of the Kabini River, which was then known as Panamaram. They constructed the Jain Temples here, which are an important part of Wayanad's history. These temples are now an excellent example of stone sculpting tradition, although being extensively damaged. Overall, the site evokes a sense of mystique.

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