Why Monsoon is the Best Time to Visit Kerala



Why Monsoon is the Best Time to Visit Kerala

By Woods team

Kerala unfolds its intoxicating beauty during the monsoons when the rains pour down into the land and brings up the bliss adorning the horizon. The state has two monsoons, one falling in the month of June and the other starts during Mid-October and ends in November. The season is an ultimate combination of alluring splendidness and picturesque beauty. The state offers its beauty in its fullest during the monsoons.

Let us dive into some of the places, reasons and vibrant cultures which come alive in monsoon and to discover the traveller in you rather than the tourist.

  1. Onam Festivities

The Onam festival which falls during the monsoon season is celebrated all over Kerala with great joy. It is the harvest festival and is accompanied with traditional art forms like thiruvathira, kalaripayattu, mohiniyattam, etc. You will be able to savor the rich heritage of Kerala during the vivid celebrations during the Onam season.

  1. Breathtaking waterfalls

The waterfalls in Kerala will be in its full glory during the monsoon season, which will serve as a mighty sight to soak in. The breathtaking view of the scenic waterfalls are worthy enough to spend time there. While visiting Kerala during monsoons make it a point to add at least one waterfall in your itinerary so that you will not miss out the best.

  1. Ayurvedic Tourism

The ayurvedic treatments offered in Kerala during the monsoon season are well known across the globe. The massages and therapies offered will rejuvenate your inner self and nourish your physique and also helps to nurture the spiritual aspect of oneself. Many people from different parts of the world visit Kerala to experience the soothing relief offered by the ayurvedic treatments. There are resorts which offer the best services in the field.

  1. Teasing Backwaters

Witness the mesmerising beauty of the backwaters which lavishly spreads across the southern banks of Kerala. A trip through the lakes in a houseboat savoring the spicy southern cuisine with the special drink, ‘toddy’, will make it one of the best days of your trip. The rain adds bliss to the serene scene. You can also enjoy various festivals like ‘The sand art festival’ and ‘Alleppey beach festival’ if you make it in time.

  1. Fewer Tourists

During monsoon the lesser number of tourists will offer you a better opportunity to explore the pristine beauty of nature in a much-anticipated solace. The hill stations and beaches will not be crowded like the peak season. The prices usually come down during the monsoon and that itself is one of the best reasons to opt for a trip to Kerala during monsoon.

Now, what are you waiting for? Grab your backpack and start your trip to Kerala to enjoy the lush green carpets and chilly hill stations during the monsoon. Let the traveler in you be unleashed.