Guide to Choosing the Best Nature Resort in Wayanad



Guide to Choosing the Best Nature Resort in Wayanad

By Woods team

Wayanad in Kerala, India, is a nature lover's haven. With dense forests, tranquil waterfalls, and abundant wildlife, it's perfect for adventure seekers. When planning a trip to Wayanad, choosing the right nature resort is important. Numerous resorts exist in Wayanad, but not all guarantee a great experience. Once booked, a normal resort with unsatisfactory conditions can spoil your vacation. Thorough research is key to finding a resort that meets your needs. In this blog, we'll guide you on how to choose the best nature resort in Wayanad.

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Importance of Choosing the Right Nature Resort

Choosing the right nature resort in Wayanad is essential for an environmentally friendly and satisfying travel experience. Wayanad, located in Kerala's Western Ghats, is known for its beautiful landscape. The choice of a resort matters greatly in terms of reducing environmental effects and helping the local community. Choosing an eco-friendly resort ensures responsible tourism, which helps to preserve the region's biodiversity. A well-chosen nature resort serves as a gateway to Wayanad's natural treasures while also supporting conservation activities supported by the Wayanad Tourism Department. However, it is more than just a place to sleep; it is a conscious choice that reinforces the relationship between an individual and nature.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Nature Resort

Many considerations need to be made when choosing a resort during your trip. While their significance may vary for you and your travel companions, each holds importance. There are numerous resorts available, and not all provide the optimal customer experience. Once a reservation is made, dissatisfaction upon arrival can be irremediable. Booking a resort with subpar food, unclean conditions, or inadequate security can ruin your vacation. Therefore, proactive research to find a resort aligned with your requirements is advisable. Consider these factors when selecting your ideal nature resort.

  1. Water: Many hotels offer the option to skip towel and linen cleaning, but true environmental consciousness goes beyond that. Consider how the hotel uses water: Do they harvest rainwater for their lush lawns? Are they equipped with water-efficient toilets? If decorative pools and fountains abound, enquire about the source and also whether they impact local water resources. Opting for accommodations mindful of water usage ensures a more genuinely "green" stay.
  1. Energy: Think about the energy the resort uses. Opting for alternative sources like solar power can significantly cut electricity use. Energy-efficient kitchen, laundry, and air conditioning equipment are also game-changers for reducing environmental impact.
  1. Staff and Products: Consider the composition of the hotel staff—are they predominantly locals or foreigners? Additionally, check if the hotel prioritizes local suppliers for food and beverages. Opting for locally sourced items not only aids families in the community but is especially vital in economically challenged regions. It is also true that resorts that recruit from the population of indigenous peoples make an important contribution to the local economy, promoting the self–sufficiency, and well-being of the population.
  1. Recycling and Waste: Put up recycling bins in different parts of the hotel, such as rooms, public areas, the kitchen, and the dining room, for papers, glasses, aluminium, cardboard, metals, and plastics.

Location and Accessibility of the Nature Resort

Do you go for the busy life or the hidden place? Especially for families, people with disabilities, and large groups, location is crucial. Having a short walk to restaurants, stores, beachfront views, and Ski-In Ski-Out access is one of the highest considerations that every individual will desire. 

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Accommodation Options and Amenities Offered by the Resort

After settling on the location, delve into the available accommodation choices. Explore the variety of rooms, cottages, and treehouses offered by the resorts. Ensure a comfortable stay by examining the range of services and amenities provided.

Activities and Experiences at the Nature Resort

While the primary focus of a Wayanad trip is immersing yourself in nature, resorts also provide various recreational activities to enhance your experience. From trekking and wildlife safaris to birdwatching, consider the array of activities to choose a resort that aligns with your adventure interests.

Reviews and Recommendations from Past Guests

Before confirming your holiday resort booking, browse through online ratings and reviews from previous guests. Ensure these reviews are from credible sources and prioritize recent feedback. This step provides valuable insights, allowing you to make an informed decision about your stay during the holiday.

Pricing and Value for Money at Different Nature Resorts

When looking for a hotel in Wayanad, keep your budget in mind. Not all alternatives may be suitable for your budget. Consider supplementary services such as laundry and room service hours when making a reservation. Compare rates from several sources to obtain the greatest deal. Keep in mind that pricing and offers frequently change, so it's a good idea to check both the hotel's official website and other platforms for the best deals. Taking these procedures guarantees that you discover a property that meets your needs as well as your budget.

Environmental Sustainability Practices of the Nature Resorts in Wayanad

Nature resorts in Wayanad prioritize environmental sustainability through various practices. Many employ water conservation measures such as rainwater harvesting and the use of low-flow toilets. Energy efficiency is promoted through the adoption of alternative sources like solar power and the utilization of energy-saving equipment. These resorts often engage local staff and source food locally, contributing to community support and economic growth. Waste reduction is addressed with comprehensive recycling programs throughout the premises. By embracing these practices, Wayanad's nature resorts aim to minimize their ecological footprint, fostering a harmonious coexistence between hospitality and environmental conservation.

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Choosing the right nature resort in Wayanad goes beyond accommodation—it's a conscious choice for a travel experience. Your stay should align with values, offering not just comfort but a connection to Wayanad's natural beauty. Nestled in Wayanad, The Woods Resorts provides a tranquil escape from modern stresses. Committed to unmatched hospitality, each moment becomes a cherished memory. With a focus on sustainability, our unique culinary experience showcases locally sourced, organically produced spices. Allow The Woods Resorts to surround you in green luxury, creating a lifetime of memories.