Top 5 Interesting Waterfalls in Wayanad



Top 5 Interesting Waterfalls in Wayanad

By Woods team

Wayanad is the epitome of natural beauty. It is a quiet place where greenery, wildlife, and tradition amalgamates to give its visitors a great vacation experience. The place is filled with scenic lakes, waterfalls, caves, and rice fields.

Today, we will check out a few waterfalls that are worth exploring when you are in Wayanad. Get out of those slippers and enjoy fresh water under your feet…..listen to the sound of gushing waterfalls through huge rocks!

  • Soochipara Waterfalls

It is one of the most beautiful waterfalls you can find in Wayanad. It is locally referred to as Soochipara (“Soochi” meaning “Needle” and “Para” meaning “Rock”) and is also called Sentinel Rock Waterfalls. From Meppadi, it will take around 15 minutes’ drive to reach the destination and the drive offers scenic views of some of the best tea estates in Wayanad. The Sentinel Rock Waterfalls is 200 meters (656 feet) and offers a cliff face that is ideal for rock climbing.

  • Chethalayam Waterfalls

Located 12 km from the beautiful resort in Sulthan Bathery, is the trekker’s favorite Chethalayam Waterfalls. This spot is ideal for trekkers with 4km trekking to the falls. During the summers, water gets dried up and the best season to get the most out of the trip is from February to December. While walking through the dense woods, you can enjoy the butterflies, wildlife, and birds.

  • Kanthanpara Waterfalls

Another perfect picnic spot is the Kanthanpara Waterfalls located 22 km away from Kalpetta. It is a kid-friendly waterfall with less height and easy hiking spot when compared to the adjacent Soochipara waterfall. You can enjoy small fishes in the water and the shallow region is ideal for a relaxed picnic with family and friends. It is one of the most calm waterfalls with fewer tourists.

  • Kadachikunnu Waterfalls

Interested in trekking and walking? This place is suitable for easy trekking of 2 km with the beauty of the jungle and gushing water. To reach this place, one can trek from Padivayal, through Meppadi-Vaduvanchal road. From the peak point, tourists can experience the enthralling sight of Wayanad and Nilambur forests. This is one of the lesser known waterfalls of Wayanad, but it is definitely not to be missed. Make sure to carry a camera for capturing its mesmerizing view.

  • Meenmutty Waterfalls

It is the three-tier waterfall with 300 meters height with the reputation of the largest waterfalls in Wayanad. The word ‘Meenmutty’ is a culmination of two words. ‘Meen’ means fish in Malayalam and ‘Mutty’ means blocked. Hence the word ‘Meenmutty’ means ‘fishes are blocked here’. This waterfall is located at a distance of 29 km from Kalpetta. It also provides a 2km trek and you will love the trails through its dense forest with a plethora of birds.

Vacation is not only seeing new places. It is about how deep you experience these places! So which waterfall is on your list of places to see?