Why is Organic Farming so Important



Why is Organic Farming so Important

By Woods team

Organic farming is the “In-thing”. If you are a person not living under a rock, then you already know what it is! In this article, we will dive into some facts and information to understand why it is gaining importance lately. In a simple manner, organic farming can be defined as a way of developing eatables in a harmless manner. It is not rocket science! It has been a concept dating from prehistoric times. 


With the emergence of the industrial revolution, many synthetic methods of cultivation were practiced, which created many side effects in people. The quality of food started deteriorating and the health of the current and upcoming generations was badly depleting. That’s how the organic farming method gained importance again.

How is organic farming different from conventional farming methods?


There are many differences between organic and conventional farming, but these seem to be the most spoken of in regards to consumer health.


In conventional farming, synthetic chemicals are made use of to enhance the growth of crops. However, in an organic farming method, it is a must to use organic wastes and compost in the form of fertilizers, which can result in increasing the nutrients supplied to the plants.


Pests are controlled by using natural methods (birds, insects, traps) and naturally-derived pesticides in an organic farming method. Whereas in conventional farming pesticides with harmful chemicals are used to eradicate pests.


To get rid of weeds, conventional farming uses herbicides, while crop rotation is the practice to prevent weed generation in an organic farming method.


In the case of dairy and poultry, hormones and antibiotics are injected to prevent cattle from diseases. Organic approach is much safer as it makes use of organic foods to be fed for the proper and healthy growth of animals. The animals are left in the open so that they can get a fresh environment to grow in a healthy manner.


Now, let’s look at the benefits of organic farming:

Environmental Benefits:

  • Discourages exposure to pesticides and chemicals

  • It builds healthy soil

  • Reduces pollution from nitrogen run-off

  • Helps in conserving water

  • It encourages biodiversity

Health Benefits:

  • Organic food helps the body with nutrient-rich produce.

  • It reduces the toxin intake which causes prostate, breast, and other cancers.

  • It gives you a stronger and healthier body.

  • No pesticides, chemicals, or processed additives bogging down your system mean a smaller risk of disease, illness, and disorders in yourself.

  • Peace of Mind- buying organic food can help you to enjoy what you eat for all the reasons outlined above.


Looking at the sustainable benefits of organic farming, the government has taken many initiatives to promote this method of cultivation. Many farms and luxury resorts in Wayanad have taken up an organic approach to creating an eco-friendly environment. 


Next time you go to a restaurant, choose organic!