Jungle Safari Through Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary in Wayanad



Jungle Safari Through Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary in Wayanad

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The Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, also known as Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary, is a rainforest that connects the parks of Nagarhole and Bandipur in Karnataka and Mudumalai in Tamil Nadu. It is located about 16 kilometres from Sulthan Bathery. The sanctuary, which covers an area of 345 square kilometres, is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna. Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary was established in 1973 as a wildlife sanctuary in Wayanad and was brought under Project Elephant in 1991-92. It is the second-largest wildlife sanctuary in Kerala and one of the bio-geographically richest tracts of peninsular India. Semi-evergreen, moist deciduous, and dry deciduous forests can be found here.

The sanctuary, which is rich in biodiversity, is a part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. The management places a premium on scientific conservation while also taking into account the general way of life of the tribals and others who live in and around the forest region. The Sanctuary is home to a large number of pachyderms and has been designated as a Project Elephant site. Elephants roam freely here, and tigers are occasionally spotted. A variety of deer, monkeys, and birds can also be found here. The Reserve also has a plethora of birds, butterflies, and insects. The trees and plants in the sanctuary are typical of the moist deciduous and semi-evergreen forests of southern India. A drive along the road to Muthanga and beyond provides opportunities to observe these roaming.

Wayanad wildlife sanctuary is divided into four ranges: Sulthan Bathery, Kurichyad, Muthanga, and Tholpetty, with the Muthanga and Tholpetty ranges being the most popular with tourists visiting Wayanad. They are divided by plantations. In the Wayanad wildlife sanctuary, there are two eco-tourism centres. Eco-tourism in these locations helps to raise conservation awareness among visitors and to maintain the sanctuary and its grounds in good condition. Elephant camp visits, jeep safaris, trekking, bird watching, tribal folklore, and other eco-tourism activities are available.

The Jungle Safari in Wayanad

The two-hour jungle safari in Wayanad, conducted by the forest department in the tourist zone of the jungle, is Wayanad's most prominent ecotourism programme. You can face the wilderness with the assistance of a knowledgeable guide and a driver. You'd be surprised at how quickly time passes as the jeep bumps along the forest trail, revealing breathtaking sights every now and then. Herds of elephants and gaurs are common along the trail, but seeing big cats is a rare treat. A jungle safari in Wayanad is offered in the morning and evening when animal activity in the tourism zone is at its peak.

For the jungle safari in Wayanad, you must hire jeeps at the entrance.

A guide through Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary in Wayanad

Your journey will begin in the morning. Throughout the day, Jeeps traverse the sanctuaries. The jeep can be reserved in Kalpetta, a Wayanad district town. The Muthanga sanctuary will be your first stop after that. Because it will be daytime when you arrive, you will be able to see the lush green vegetation in all its glory. Butterflies buzzing around and animals strolling down the lane will provide you with the views you've been hoping for. However, all visitors are required to remain in the tourist zone for their own safety.

It is not recommended to take photographs of the animals in the sanctuary because this may frighten them. Remember, you're in an animal's home, and you're not supposed to bother them. It is preferable to hire a guide who will provide you with all of the necessary instructions. The Kerala Forest Department organises a variety of eco-tourism activities in the Muthanga wildlife sanctuary, which will astound you. You can choose to participate in such activities and learn about environmental conservation while also having fun. These events provide a source of income for nearby villagers as well as local tour guides.

Resorts in Wayanad offer various jeep safari packages which can be pre-booked. They ensure a comfortable and smooth jungle safari in Wayanad. The safari packages are reasonably priced. The resorts near Muthanga forest make sure that you get the best authentic jungle safari experience.

When is the best time to visit Wildlife sanctuaries in Wayanad?

Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary, with its lush green forests, attracts visitors all year round. The post-monsoon and winter seasons are still enjoyable times to visit Muthanga Wayanad because nature is at its best. This Wayanad wildlife sanctuary is only open from August to February. Wildlife sanctuaries in Wayanad are best visited between October and February.

Muthanga Wayanad is a must-see destination due to its captivating mountains, beautiful Muthanga forest, and diverse wildlife.

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Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Muthanga, Sulthan Bathery, and is approximately 97 kilometres from Kozhikode. You can easily get there by private transportation.


Muthanga Wayanad is a must-see destination due to its enthralling mountains, beautiful Muthanga forest, and diverse wildlife.

Plan a trip to Kerala and don't forget to stop by Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, which provides a unique experience for those who want to spend time in the wild, soaking up the tranquil greenery.