Your Coffee Choice Says A Lot About Your Personality



Your Coffee Choice Says A Lot About Your Personality

By Woods team

Waking up early in the morning to a cup of freshly brewed coffee is an all-time favorite for most of us. Especially the Coffee at Sky in Wayanad gives you an ever-memorable coffee drinking experience.


Many of us have been preferring to have the same type of coffee for years, and it’s just a matter of liking what you like…right? Apparently, the type of coffee you choose can say a lot about your personality. Let’s see what the studies have found out…

Black Coffee Lover

Do you find yourself always choosing a black coffee? It’s likely that you're straightforward, you like things black and white. You are an honest and forthright person. You like things simple. You don’t mess around, but people like that about you–you’re reliable. You are a minimalist inside and out, you can err on the side of quiet. You are moody most of the time, but once you set your sights on something and it is yours. You may be potentially serious, but you always get the job done at the exact time. Add a bit of milk often to your coffee to lighten the seriousness.

The Instant Coffee Drinker

Well, if you are one of the many who don’t like to take too much or any effort and would rather just drink instant coffee, you are a bit lazy and a procrastinator. You have a laid back attitude towards your tasks and often love to do nothing at all. But they are also poor planners and are most likely to put things off through procrastination and laziness. You don’t like putting too much effort in things and like to leave things until the last moment. Often these people like easy to do tasks and avoid complex ones…”I just don’t want to break my head” is their motto.

The Frappuccino Person

The adventurous spirit! If you are a Frappuccino drinker, you are a much more “let’s-go-camping, let’s-hike-this-weekend” type of a person that a lot of your friends look forward to. Your friends love your company. You prefer to be spontaneous and live in the moment, rather than plan every minute detail of your day. Planning is not your thing at all. By nature, you are a very jovial person, full of life and your positive energy makes you very easy to be in person.


The Latte Drinker

Soft in nature. You like things to come easy, and you can be indecisive at the best of times. You prefer to go with the flow and you are a bit of a silent type, you prefer to be a team player rather than the person calling the shots. You keep things smooth and light, but you’re fun to be around. You prefer things that are never too hard. You go with the rules and often frets over unexpected events. Latte people must try something new to spice things up.

The Espresso Drinker

This is a no-nonsense person. Always quick, easy to go and to the point! You’re always in a hurry, so you like your coffee strong and fast and on the go. You are clear about what you want and are always pushing yourself forward. A natural leader, you’re hard working, but you need constant hits throughout the day, lest you get moody and broody which you have a tendency to do. Keep your day simple to help you relax and not stress too much. A workaholic personality can often drain your energy.

The Cappuccino Drinker


The Control freak! The personality traits belonging to cappuccino drinkers revealed some definite signs of wanting control. If the cappuccino is your coffee of choice, you might be a bit strict in your activities, obsessive about your things, with creative thinking and most motivated. You also tend to grow bored easily, even though you like to be with your loved ones. You are an honest person and goal oriented to achieve that beautiful froth!


Of all the choices, if you prefer flavored coffee like caramel, chocolate, mocha, hazelnut, etc. are believed to be adventure lovers. They are likely to be risk takers in real life as they do not mind trying something new and different on a daily basis. They like variety and are not scared of change. They believe variety is the spice of life!

So is your coffee choice correlated to your personality?