Benefits of Greenery to Mind, Body and Soul



Benefits of Greenery to Mind, Body and Soul

By Woods team

Being in Kerala, we are blessed to see lush green all around us. Especially places like Wayanad are popular for semi-evergreen forests, thickly wooded hills and not to leave behind the beautiful bamboo groves along the roads.

"Why is it that after a long week at work, people opt to vacation in more greenery places?"

"Why do you see people from the urban areas flock towards nature's abode?"

Greenery has a therapeutic effect on mind, body, and soul. So many studies are carried out to understand the effect of greenery on the human brain.  Even placing a potted plant in your workspace helps in lowering blood pressure, improves reaction time, enhances attentiveness, productivity and also improves the overall well-being.

Greenery to Mind:

Have you read stories of writers moving to a serene green environment to get inspired? Studies have found that being in a greener atmosphere enhances creativity and leaves you more inspired. Greenery has the power to help your brain generate new ideas. Green is the chosen color to reinvigorate the mind.

Greenery to Body:

A well-known research was conducted to study the effect of views from windows for patients recovering from abdominal surgery. It was discovered that patients whose hospital rooms overlooked trees had an easier time recovering than those whose rooms overlooked brick walls. Patients who were able to see nature got out of the hospital faster, had fewer complications and required less pain medication than those forced to stare at a wall.

It was also found that simply viewing representations of nature can help. In a study at a Swedish hospital, for instance, it was found that heart surgery patients in intensive care units could reduce their anxiety and need for pain medication by looking at pictures depicting trees and water.

Now, if you are a person who spends most of the time indoors, getting plants in your home and workspace can make you more positive!

What is happening inside our body when we look into greenery is largely unknown. But it sure creates positivity and calmness to us.

Be it the grassy carpet glistening with morning dew or the leafy plants with a lush color, green always conjures up a sense of refreshing liveliness. Get hypnotized by the greenery at The Woods Resort, Wayanad for a relaxed vacation. It will for sure leave your mind and soul rejuvenated!