Story Behind The Famous Chain Tree in Wayanad



Story Behind The Famous Chain Tree in Wayanad

By Woods team

The Chain Tree of Lakkidi, a legendary natural wonder, stands proudly along the picturesque route in Wayanad, approximately 15 kilometres from Kalpetta. This majestic tree, which is chained and has an enthralling tale, provides an intriguing look into local folklore.

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History of Chain Tree in Wayanad

The stories passed down through the generations claim that a tribal boy named Karinthandan was helpful in assisting a British engineer on the difficult journey from Adivaram to Wayanad. The British were fascinated by Wayanad because of its spectacular natural beauty and its wealth of expensive spices. However, due to the lack of any roads, getting to this isolated paradise was a difficult feat.

The British made repeated unsuccessful attempts to cut paths through the difficult mountain terrain, but they were unable to locate a viable approach. The native tribes living in the thick forests had a thorough understanding of the steep terrain, and Karinthandan was the one who showed the British engineer the quickest approach. This tree has thrived through the years, its branches soaring high into the sky. Notably, a heavy iron chain descends from the high boughs, firmly anchored to the ground. 

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Myth Related to Karinthandan and ChainTree

Following the road's construction, the British wasted little time in making use of Wayanad's rich resources. However, a strange phenomenon started to appear on the road, which led to a string of mishaps. Local beliefs pointed to Karinthandan's vengeful spirit as the cause of these misfortunes. In response, the locals asked a priest to help them find a solution. After many attempts, the priest was able to tame the wandering spirit and secure it to a majestic Ficus tree that is today known as the Changala Maram or Chain Tree. 

Honouring Karinthandan

Karinthandan lived between the years 1700 and 1750 AD and belonged to the Paniya tribe in Wayanad. During the British colonial era, this exceptional person is credited with discovering the Wayanad Ghat path. As the regional chief of the Adivaram region, he had a thorough understanding of the complex topography of the hills in the area, making him a crucial navigator across this treacherous terrain.

The "Karinthandan Smriti Yatra" is an important annual event that is organised by PEEP (People's Action For Educational and Economic Development of Tribal People) every year on the second Sunday of March. The event is held in remembrance of Karinthandan, who is regarded as the first martyr of Wayanad and whose sacrifice will go on forever.

The Current State Of Chain Tree

The tree has grown over time and is now an amazing 25 feet tall, generously draping its refreshing shade over the environs. The modest "Changala Muneeswaran Kovil" temple is located next to this natural marvel. 

Things To Do at Chain Tree

There aren't many things to do at chain tree; the main attractions are the towering tree and the lovely surroundings. It's a great place to take a quick break where you can unwind in the abundant shade of the tree. This tree has developed greatly over time, offering even more shade for anyone seeking protection from the sun.

A small temple dedicated to the tribal leader Karinthandan is located next to the tree. Many truck drivers stop here to seek blessings for a safe journey, adding to the spiritual significance of this place. On the other hand, curious visitors frequently come to learn more about the mysterious chain attached to the tree.

You can enjoy some drinks while visiting chain tree Wayanad. A small tea shop near the tree offers tea, cold beverages, and snacks, catering to weary travellers. Additionally, a number of cafes and restaurants are conveniently situated nearby, offering guests a selection of dining options.

Chain Tree Timings and Entry Fee

The mysterious chain tree of Wayanad welcomes tourists all day long, although it is best to plan your visit before sunset. It can be difficult to manoeuvre the hilly terrain in the dark, therefore it is generally safer to explore during the day. The average visitor stays only 5 to 10 minutes at this location, giving them time to appreciate the tree and show respect to the bound spirit. The site is accessible from 8 AM to 6 PM, giving visitors plenty of daytime hours to explore.

How To Reach The Chain Tree In Wayanad?

In close proximity to the well-known Lakkidi viewpoint, chain tree is located on the outskirts of Wayanad. Between Wayanad to chain tree, there are about 30 kilometres. The closest bus stop is in Wayanad, and the closest train station is in Kozhikode, which is located about 58 km away. The closest airport, located around 70 kilometres from chain tree, is Calicut International Airport. You can also choose the bus heading for Lakkidi and get off at the stop next to chain tree/Karinthandan Temple. Taking a taxi or cab is also one of the most practical ways to get to chain tree. 

Nearby Attractions

Visit the magnificent Banasura Sagar Dam, India's largest earthen dam, and take a boat ride through gorgeous scenery. Discover the Pookode Lake's luxuriant vegetation, which is renowned for its visual splendour and recreational opportunities. These attractions add to the charm of your visit to the chain tree in Wayanad.

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The best time to visit chain tree and Wayanad is in the winter for the greatest experience. In Wayanad, winter normally starts in November and lasts till February. Consider booking The Woods Resorts, which provides a peaceful and fascinating stay close to nature. You can then plan a trip to chain tree, which is conveniently located only one hour from the resort.