Top 5 places for Trekking in Wayanad



Top 5 places for Trekking in Wayanad

By Woods team

Wayanad can be easily called the trekkers paradise. And this name comes with enough reasons, the adventurists are flocking into Wayanad to trudge along those mystic hills with the most beautiful scenic views, which will render that laborious walk its blissful outcome. 

There are many places to stay in Wayanad, ranging from homestays to hotels and resorts, and most of them are very close to the trekking spots. Choose according to the proximity of your favourite spot, as you may not find a place to stay close to all the trekking spots.

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In this blog, we are going to introduce you to some must visit trekking places in Wayanad that will definitely blow your mind.

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1.  Pakshipathalam

Pakshipathalam is a place that you cannot miss when you are packing your bags for Wayanad. The entire route to Pakshipathalam is a two way offer if you are adventurous as well as a bird lover. It is the heaven of birds, and if you go in the right season, you will be blessed with the beauty of different aviary creatures that you might not have seen before. 

Pakshipathalam is a 1740 metre trek, and the peak is located near the Thirunelli temple. The word Pakshipathalam closely translates to “home to the birds." In earlier times, the peak was used as a site for performing “ancestral rites.” There are many legends associated with the peak. 

It is a 16-kilometre trek that takes approximately 8 hours to complete, that is, to go to and fro. The difficulty of climbing the peak comes to a moderate level, and you should attempt to go for it only if you can cherish every step, as it is not everyone’s cup of tea. 

The arduous trek is best started before sunrise and completed before sunset. The route for trekking is through dense jungle, where you can come across many different herbs and animals. The lurking around of wild animals is quite high, and hence it is not permitted to do night camping. 

Two kilometres into the trek, you can find a watch tower, which will give you a scenic glimpse of what Wayanad stands for.

The trekkers require prior permission from the forest officers, and the best time to visit will be from August to May. There is also a small fee of Rs 50 for Indian tourists and Rs 200 for foreigners. This is the first of the top five trekking spots in Wayanad that you should not miss. 

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2.  Chembra Peak Trek 

When trekking is what you have in mind when you backpack to Wayanad, the first peak that comes up in your itinerary will be Chembra Peak. The Chembra peak is famous for the view that ends the trek with; it is something every nature lover would have in them for the rest of their lives. 

The peak is 2100 metres above sea level, and the entire trek is a 9 kilometre journey. The time taken to reach this peak is significantly less, which is one of the main reasons why it is chosen by everyone. It is a beginner friendly trek with one of the most amazing views. 

The time taken to go one way will be around 4 hours, and once you get to the top, you can take a short break to see the beautiful heart shaped river, which is also known as “Hridayasarassu.” It is the best shot for a good trek for a group of friends or couples to have the adrenaline rush without the need to gasp for breath. 

The trekking enthusiasts need to get tickets as well as permission from the Meppadi Forest Department. The tickets cost INR 500 for 10 Indian tourists and INR 1000 for foreigners. The trekking will be open from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m., and the best months to trek will be from September to February.

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3.  Thusharagiri Trek

The name “Thusharagiri” simply means snow-capped mountains. And while you are thinking snow and Wayanad have nothing to do with each other, it is the illusion of snow that gives the mountain this name.

The mountain is home to three different waterfalls, and this is one of the priceless additions that binds the trek. These waterfalls form from two rivers, and when they merge and come together, they create something like a snow spray. 

Thenpara Falls is the highest of the three waterfalls and drops from a height of 75 metres. All three waterfalls can be seen as you walk along the trail to the source of the Thenpara Falls.

The difficulty level endured during the trek can be somewhere between medium and difficult. It definitely will give you that rush and fulfil the love you yearn for through the trek. The average time taken to finish the trek will be anywhere from 4-6 hours. The fee for the trek is INR 30. 

4.  Edakkal Caves Trek

Edakkal Caves not only satisfies the adventurous mind but is also a huge hit with the history buffs out there. The caves are a combination of two natural caves and are around 14 km from Sultan Bathery. It is one of the shortest treks in Wayanad, but a must visit one.

The caves can be accessed after a 1.5km trek, and one of the cave entrances gives a beautiful view of the lush Western Ghats embracing Wayanad as its own. The trekking trail is half cemented and also has a line up of shops selling spices, drinks, and handicrafts. The tour guides are from the Archaeological Society of India and can give an in-depth explanation of the caves and their related fields. Ancient paintings and carvings inside the cave will make you feel like you're part of a pre-historic era.

The trek will take around 45 minutes to an hour. The entire trek is an easy one, so it doesn’t matter what time of the year you are visiting. The fee is INR 20 for adults, INR 10 for children, INR 40 for foreign tourists, and INR 30 for a camera. 

5.  Brahmagiri Peak Trek

Brahmagiri Peak is on the borders of Kodagu, Karnataka, and Wayanad, Kerala, and one of the best choices for trekking in Wayanad. 

The trekking trails of Brahmagiri Peak take you to the heart of the Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary. The peak is located at 1608 metres above sea level and is home to many animals, including snakes, deer, wild dogs, leopards, pangolins, and elephants. The presence of these wild animals makes it a dangerous place to camp after daylight hours. 

Hearty views of the Wayanad and the Western Ghats are easily visible from this end of the trek, and make sure to get pictures at different angles to cherish the memory from deep within. 

The best months to trek on the Brahmagiri hills will be from November to February. Trekkers need to pay a fee of INR 275 and an additional INR 200 if they want a tour guide. The trekking distance is around 12 km and will take around 8 hours to complete as it is comparatively an easy climb. 

These are some of the scenic spots that you must visit when you plan your visit to Wayanad. Make sure to tick off at least a few when you come down to this natural abode. 

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