Family Travel Tips for a Perfect Vacation



Family Travel Tips for a Perfect Vacation

By Woods team

Family vacation especially with kids is a different experience when compared to a solo or a couple trip. Family travel can never be spontaneous and out of the blue. It requires proper planning and choosing apt places for everyone to have equal share of fun. Traveling with kids is a very challenging task but with some effort you can give your family the best vacation. We have tried curating some of the best tips that will help sketch out the perfect family vacation.

Keep slow to plan the best!

Plan up extra time for everything from start to finish on the entire trip. This is necessary and you can get ample time in your hand even if things go wrong. Reaching the airport early or planning the start time of the trip by car to be early can help you begin the trip at the exact time. Early start can also help giving enough pit stops if traveling by road. Traveling by air can’t be easy as well. So having enough time to check-in, getting through security, boarding the plane, etc., can all be different when traveling with kids. Make sure that you aren’t strict on the timings, being loose will help you be flexible and give you a comforting and hassle-free vacation.

Overpacking, not advised.

Overpacking can be a nonsensical thing to do especially when you are traveling by air. It is a common tendency to overestimate the need for many things and pack heavy. The confusion becomes even worse when you have kids and it becomes overwhelming to decide what they will need and what they don’t. So, it will be essential to pack things which are most necessary. And, most of the regular things can be brought from the place that you are going to. The fewer items you pack, the more space you will have and the less you will have to carry. It will be ideal to weigh your bags before you leave so that you don’t end up paying extra for luggage at the airport.

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Reservations, a must!

Solo travel does not necessitate advance reservations. The charm of traveling alone is the spontaneity of it all, including food and accommodations. Applying the same while traveling with your family can end up in a huge disaster. The basic step for a fruitful vacation with the kids is to give them a good amount of time to be themselves and get them to settle down with enough rest. Knowing the available food options during your stay and around the area will help you understand what to expect beforehand. Also, get an understanding of the transportation to and from the airport and how you plan to go to the sightseeing places. Make sure to use your credit card when making your reservation to receive additional cashbacks and discounts on hotel and flight bookings. 

Keep the documents safe!

When traveling abroad, you must keep your travel documents and foreign liquid currency safe. You can get hold of a small document bag which is easy to carry around.  A sling bag that you can put across your shoulders is the best place to keep your passports and currencies. You could also check with your place of stay to see if they have a locker where you can keep your important documents. Having photocopies of your passports is the best way to carry needed documents while traveling in an unknown country. 

Extra Food, Always Good!

Children tend to get hungry, and when hungry, it can be quite hard to manage them. And when they are hungry, it can ruin the entire experience of the trip you have planned for you and your family. Carrying along your child’s favorite snacks will help you stay sane and keep them satisfied if there is an unplanned delay in between the meals or you are unable to get them the usual food that they like. Yeah, not just kids; adults can get hangry too, so yeah, have your favorite stash of snacks as well. 

Have your eyes on the kid!

It is not something that has to be stressed over, but in an unknown place, it can be difficult not to get distracted with one thing or another. The best way to avoid the hassles of finding a lost kid, being taxed out, and ruining the entire vibe of the vacation is to distribute duties amongst each other. Sharing duties will help one person be available to attend to the child’s needs and look after them, and the other will take care of the travel and transportation needs. A small GPS tracker that can be attached to the kid is a good choice and the best way to not take chances. 

Bring entertainment along with you!

Children can easily get bored and might not find fun at all times. So, to make sure you get the peace that you intend to earn from the vacation, it will be fitting to carry some entertainment with you. Download some apps, get some books, and take their favorite toys along with you. This can come in handy during times when you are sightseeing, but it does not particularly interest the kids in any way. The shows and games have to be downloaded beforehand so that there won’t be an issue if there’s no adequate network or WiFi in the place. 

Involve kids in planning

Once in a while, it will be good to choose places that will be comfortable for the kids and let them pick activities that they can have fun with. It can also be interesting to choose places that have entertainment for kids and parents together. Selecting a place of accommodation that has a kid's park and pools can be a good choice to help them relax. 

Choose resorts over one large buildings

Large hotel rooms with just a lobby and mechanical things will not be the best choice when traveling with kids. Choosing a luxury resort that has spaces for indoor and outdoor games and has plenty of room to roam around is a valid option when traveling with family. Resorts will also give you plenty of activities and make it extremely comfortable for their guests to have campfires and outdoor dinner facilities, which can be a definite change from the normal routine. 

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Traveling with family requires plans that have to be executed efficiently. I hope these tips will help you plan the best vacation with your family.