How to Choose the Best Resort for your Stay in Wayanad?



How to Choose the Best Resort for your Stay in Wayanad?

By Woods team

Wayanad is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Kerala. The diversity of the place and its accommodating characteristics are two of the main reasons why Wayanad has become a common tourist destination on everyone’s bucket list. The place can be cozy for a honeymoon couple, an adventurer's paradise, and the best spot to have a very calm and peaceful workation as well. Due to the high demand in the area, there are numerous resorts and homestays. This makes it difficult to choose the right resort or homestay as each looks extremely poised and magnificent for the stay. In this blog, we are going to talk about some of the best tips that can help you choose the best resort for your stay in Wayanad. 

Price isn’t the ultimate factor

Most of us, when deciding on a resort for our stay in Wayanad, go ahead and look at the prices first. This is not the right way to look at places to stay, as some of the cheaper options that come up can give you a nightmare of a vacation. This doesn’t mean that comfort only comes with resorts with higher charges. However, look at the resorts and amenities and be willing to pay a little more to ensure the bare minimum of comfort. It may also be impossible to upgrade to better rooms or hotels because every hotel is likely to be completely booked. When booking a resort, make sure to look beyond the tariffs or resort rates.


Clean rooms can put you at ease in a second. Shabby rooms and unclean sheets can be an immediate turnoff and ruin the entire experience. Clean bathrooms are yet another point that you have to consider. These factors can only be understood if you take a good look at the Google Reviews of the place you are staying well before booking them. If the place is unclean and unhygienic, then definitely it would have been voiced out. Also, make sure that you are getting the brochures of the places to stay that have been recently updated. 


The location of the resort will be highly detrimental to the reason why you have opted to come to Wayanad. If you are someone who came for sightseeing and adventure sports, then you need to go with a place of stay that can be normal and does not provide much in the way of amenities, as there will be only limited use of the room. Also, make sure that you rent a space that is closer to all the tourist attractions and is at least midway between different attractions. If you are someone who has planned for a staycation, then make sure that you spend on a good resort with an ample amount of spaces to explore in house as most of your time will be spent inside the premises of the resort. Spending on a beautiful room with a window to the greatest views will be a waste if you aren’t planning to stay for a good amount of time.

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Good Food

Good food has to be a major consideration when choosing the resorts in Wayanad. It will definitely not be worth falling sick because of bad food and ruining your entire trip because of that. You can call and inquire about the resorts that you have shortlisted, and ask them about the different cuisines that they can offer, and how likely they are to accommodate special requests because of dietary restrictions. They should also be able to serve you authentic Kerala cuisine with a Wayanad twist of spices. Also, make sure to go for a resort that offers both à la carte dining and buffet options. The food should not be restrictive.

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Size of the Hotels

It can be kind of a mood killer if you have to move way too much to reach the reception or the restaurant within the resorts. It can be even more tiring when you just want to retire to your room after a full-day of fun and leisure. Even when there are shuttle carts inside the resort to take you around, it can be a putoff to many people. So, when you check, make sure you choose resorts that align with your preferences. If you want something intimate, go for a resort that does not belong to a large hotel chain or is a mega resort. 


If you aren’t planning to move out of the resort, then it will be ideal to choose a place to stay that can provide you with different in-house activities. Resorts usually have indoor courts or activities like fishing, trekking, stargazing, etc. Choosing such spaces can help you get a very relaxed and calm vacation, and these resorts will be located far from the city limits and can give you good landscape views. Most of the resorts in Wayanad provide many activities that you can enjoy with your whole family. 


Yes, it is indeed important to discuss the parking facilities with the resort managers to make sure that you have secured and sufficient space to park your vehicle. There are resorts that have guests park away from the resort and be picked up in their vehicles because of the change in topography and the difficulty of reaching the space as the terrain might be a little difficult to decipher. If you are not up for leaving your vehicle far from the resort, then choose resorts that are easily accessible with your car or preferred transportation. 


It is ideal to inquire beforehand with the hotel management about the services that they offer. If you are going for a staycation and carrying your work along with you, they should be able to provide you with a good WiFi connection. As Wayanad is best visited during the winter months, make sure you choose a hotel that gives you around-the-clock hot water facilities. Gyms, in-house restaurants, room service, etc. are some of the other services that are naturally expected of the resorts. But, make sure that the resort you choose gives these services and it is included in your room tariff. 

Room size

This is something that most of us overlook when booking a hotel room. This can be ensured by taking a good look at the resort website and through kimming through their photo galleries. That ought to give you a good look at the room's size and how many people it can accommodate. 


The reviews of the resort that are seen in Google reviews can be a good choice to look at for getting an overall impression and a genuine idea of how exactly the resort looks. Analyzing reviews based on your needs and requirements can help you find out whether the resorts match up to your taste. Read both positive reviews and negative reviews and see which comes up more, and then tally it accordingly. 

Choosing the right resort in Wayanad can make or break your vacation. Without much research, you end up choosing one; you might end up with a bad resort, and then you might even have to stick with it due to the non-availability of the other options.