Advantages of Travelling Solo



Advantages of Travelling Solo

By Woods team

You might have heard of solo travelling becoming a hype these days. With the fear of missing out, falling sick, getting lost or facing mishaps, travelling solo has many benefits with its own challenges. Let us dive into some of the advantages of travelling without your buddy or spouse! I bet you will crave for a solo trip after reading this article!

Complete Freedom

Have you made a plan to visit the nearby local market? And you need to rush to board the next train to the destination? You have all the freedom to just get ready and keep going without WAITING for anybody! There is no need for unnecessary discussions on places to visit, or no time lag of waiting for another person to get ready. When you are travelling solo, the mantra is..” If you wanna go, Just Go! “  “You and only You get to decide where and when to Go!” Isn’t that complete freedom?


Often, we hear that solo travelling helps to find yourself. It might sound a bit corny, but travelling unassisted will help you take to new places and thereby giving you more space for self-discovery or self-reflection. You start listening to your gut, intuition! You start to believe in your own voice. You will understand what you like, dislike, where you want to be or what you want to do and many more. Getting more time for yourself helps to be comfortable with you and be your own friend first and foremost.

New connections

Being said, you get to be your own friend first, solo travel lets you connect to new people as well. You get a chance to see how wonderful and kind-hearted people are when they offer to give directions or host you for a stayover. Solo travelling changes the perspective of life. You get new relationships, new friends and the new form of help throughout. Today, we have so many apps like couchsurfing, where you get to meet new people and share similar interests. With solo travelling, you make the relationship with lasting impact!

Out of Comfort Zone

The whole point of solo travel is to get out of your comfort zone. When you start your journey, all you have is a little preparation, backpack and your company. You have only yourself to rely on, which can seem scary but it is also invigorating. Ultimately, you break that bubble of comfort and become a better person!


Solo travel is considered to be a brave endeavor. With meticulous planning and research about the places you will visit, the culture you experience and the people you meet, you are preparing yourself for whatever comes your way. As you research and plan, your confidence enhances to meet the uncertain situations along the journey. Even if you are not fully prepared, but have only a vague idea of certain details, solo travelling helps you gain confidence to take on the world. As you travel, you learn to face different scenarios.

Next time you feel like going for a trip, but your friends and family seem to be occupied and cannot accompany you. Don’t cancel your plan! Go for it, Solo! Book that beautiful resort where you want to relax, or go for hiking or road trip to the ghat roads, whatever your plan is…you have your own company!